Getting the perfect gift for your favorite female business owner can be tricky. What exactly do they need for their business? Or maybe you’re a female entrepreneur yourself looking for the perfect gift to treat yourself for your upcoming business anniversary or for hitting your first big income goal. The needs of a female CEO are pretty unique but there are some great gift ideas that will make them say “Wow, how did you know??”

Best Gift Ideas for the Female Bosses, Bloggers, Coaches and Virtual Assistants in your Life​

I’ve been a business owner for almost two years now and I compiled a list of all the things, gifts and tools that have really helped me in getting my business to the next level. Owning a business comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges (such as making time for self-care, using the right business tools, work life balance, burnout, staying healthy, etc.) This post has all the gift ideas you need to show the female entrepreneur in your life (whether that’s someone you care about or yourself ;)) that you want them to succeed on every level.

1. Business and Productivity Planners

Got great plans for the year ahead? How about gifting these productivity planners and journals?

I highly recommend the Productivity Planner. It combines productivity principles like the Pomodoro style work system into a simple daily format that will help you tackle unfocused and unaccomplished “busy” days.

I compiled a list my favorite planners below:

If you need more planner recommendations check out my other blog post here: 8 Productivity Planners that will help you get your life together.

2. Editable Business Design Templates

All entrepreneurs will need some type of marketing materials at some point in their journey. Whether they’re  a coach looking to create a welcome packet for their clients or a fashion blogger looking to increase engagement on Instagram – there is no need to spend hours creating the perfect posts or packets from scratch. Maybe you just created your first online course (yay) and now you need to add a professional workbook? 

Check out my shop for all kinds of templates to simplify your social media marketing, enhance your client experience or create a beautiful eBook:

3. Empowering Tees for Female Bosses

You know those motivational, fun shirts that make you laugh and say “That’s so me” (or “That’s so [insert friends name here] ). Tees can be such a personal and thoughtful gift for your favorite female entrepreneur. Help them share their personality with the world and rep their business by gifting them some fun statement tees.

4. Home Office Essentials to stay Organized

Let’s face it – online business owners are at their desks and in front of their computer like all the time. These cute feminine office supplies will make their work place so much more enjoyable and increase their productivity.

5. Website and Landing Page Templates

Want to gift a full-blown website? Check out these website templates from Bluchic. Whether you’re a WordPress Wonder Woman or a “non-techy” WordPress Newbie, Bluchic got the perfect theme to build a WordPress website that brings your vision to life. With step-by-step instructions and video tutorials included, setting up your very own website has never been easier.

My past 3 website themes (including my current one) have all been Bluchic themes and I have been so happy with them.

6. Practical Items for Health and Self-Care

Speaking of sitting in front of your computer all day…The female entrepreneur in your life will love these practical items to improve their health and make time for self-care. I never go anywhere without my blue light glasses to prevent eye strain and headaches from starring at the computer all day. I also love my exercise ball and wobble cushion (yes I have both ha) to improve my posture and strengthen my core while working.

7. Business Courses and Trainings

One of the best gifts you can give someone to grow their business are courses and trainings to advance their skills and ultimately increase their income (the gift that keeps on giving). Online courses have been booming in the last few years (especially since Corona turned our lives upside down). Seeing how you get immediate access they’re also a perfect last minute gift if you dropped the ball (definitely guilty of this).

I took tons of courses over the last few years but here are my Top 3:

The Hot List by Krista Dickson

The perfect course for digital entrepreneurs and course creators who need help starting, growing, and selling to their email lists. It also includes sales page and email funnel templates that are absolute gold.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

A comprehensive affiliate marketing course for bloggers of any stage. If you have a blog that you want to monetize you can learn how to make a full-time income from your blog with some easy to implement affiliate marketing tricks that entice your readers to love, click, and buy.

The Savvy Vault for Freelancers

A collection of trainings made by experienced Virtual Assistants to teach you the industry and tech skills you need to succeed. Attract higher paying clients and understand the tech behind building your own business.

8. Business Books to inspire and motivate

Who doesn’t love books? They make a great gift for anyone especially when they are filled with practical business advice. These books can teach you a thing or two about business, mindset, strategy, and success!

If you need more recommendations check out this blog post: The Best 5 Books for Female Entrepreneurs.

The Kindle Unlimited Membership is also a great gift with access to over 1 million ebooks for free! The membership plans are giftable and offer unlimited reading and unlimited listening on any device.

9. Design Tools - Canva Pro Membership

I’m going to make the bold assumption that you’ve heard of Canva before. More than 30 Million users are already loving Canva and while its free option already offers tons of features they’re paid pro version is BEYOND amazing! Canva Pro only costs 10 dollars a month ($13 if you pay monthly)… and it will rock your world. Resize any design, add team members, access to millions of free stock photos and videos, create a brand kit and SO. MUCH. MORE.

10. Instagram Marketing Success Bundle

The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Bundle is for every entrepreneur wanting to attract the right followers on Instagram and turn them into paying clients (don’t we all??). The bundle is jam-packed with strategy and planning sheets, Canva templates and other Instagram tools making it the perfect gift for any entrepreneur who uses social media. 

It includes the following:

  • 50+ page Instagram Planner and Strategy Guide with all of the key planning sheets you’ll need to organize your account, develop a consistent brand, create intentional content that sells, and so much more
  • 10 editable Engagement Booster Instagram Post Templates
  •  Best Tools and Apps for Instagram Cheatsheet
  • Instagram Caption Templates

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