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Making time for self-care is hard, I get it. Sometimes days go by when I’m so caught up with work and other things I have to get done that I completely forget about ME. That’s why I decided to create this self-care challenge.

Hopefully, these 30 days will change your whole attitude towards yourself and self-care. Most of these self-care challenge days are really simple. It’s more about consciously making time for the things that really matter and creating a new habit of self-care in the process.

If you take self-care seriously you will notice a huge change after these 30 days – promise! You can increase your focus, reduce stress, appreciate yourself – the benefits are endless. Don’t get discouraged if you have to skip a day, just get right back on with it the next day.  The goal is to focus on yourself!

P.S. I linked helpful articles, tools and resources for you almost every day of the challenge to help you succeed.

Be positive, be vibrant and take care of yourself. You got this.

1. Take a Bubble Bath and read a good book

Kick off your 30-day challenge with a nice hot bubble bath (I recommend these bath bombs for that extra spa feeling). Bathing with a book brings obvious challenges but I love to use this Bathtub Caddy Tray. It can hold your book or tablet, snacks, and a glass while you’re in the bathtub.

Alternatively, you can also listen to an audiobook of your choice. 

2. Start a bullet journal

This will be a game changer if you’re trying to be more organized and productive. It’s the perfect place to keep track of all your ideas, appointments, doodles, notes etc. and can also be an amazing creative outlet. 

Take some time today to sit down and read through Little Coffee Fox’s introduction to Bullet Journaling – How To Start a Bullet Journal To Begin Organizing Your Life

I got started with Journal Me Organized – Practical and Creative Planning but I find so much inspiration on Pinterest, too.

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3. Discover a new podcast

A lot of my progress over the last few years was only possible because of podcasts. I’ve been listening to podcasts for about 5 years now and I can’t tell you how many invaluable life lessons I got – for free! 

Browse your podcast app of choice today and discover a new podcast. If you need some inspiration here are 4 awesome personal growth podcasts that will change your life.

4. Day of Gratitude

Did you know there is actually a World Gratitude Day celebrated annually on September 21? Today, try to show appreciation for all things, big and small. Choose to look at things with gratitude and positivity today. 

Start a gratitude journal. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for for different categories such as your family, your job, your community, your lifestyle – there are so many things to be grateful for.

I found the Instant Happy Journal – 365 Days of Inspiration, Gratitude, and Joy and the 52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling Inspiration for Positivity, Balance, and Joy books to be great tools for gratitude and happiness boosts.

5. Journal for 10 Minutes

Journaling is a great way to organize your thoughts. I definitely journal a lot less than I used to but getting everything out on paper and seeing my struggles right there in front of me has something therapeutic. 

My journal also acts as my personal development guide. Looking back at my old journal entries, it blows my mind how much I have grown. 

Take 10 minutes and write in your journal today. Write about your day, your struggles, your achievements, your problems, questions – anything really. Just get it out on paper and don’t stop before the 10 minutes are over. 

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6. Practice Yoga or Stretching

If I do yoga regularly my back, shoulder and neck (courtesy of sitting in front of a computer all day) hurt way less. Investing time to do yoga makes all the difference for me and I make it a priority. 

Make time to practice yoga today and make yourself a priority. My favorite Yoga YouTube channels are Yoga with Adrienne and PsycheTruth. They have fun, manageable classes for all levels. 

Here are some of my favorite yoga accessories: 

7. Schedule a massage

Deciding to sign up for monthly massages has been the best decision of my life. Does anyone even know the meaning of “treating yourself” until they get a massage? 

I cherish this hour every month. It makes me feel so good knowing that I’m spending my hard earned money on something that is only for me. Get a massage today and feel amazing!

8. Write a letter to your younger self

This powerful exercise will help you get to know yourself better. It will challenge you to self reflect on your past experiences. Look back with gratitude on all the moments that have made you into the person you are today. What did you learn? What was unexpected? Write it all down in a letter to your younger self. 

9. Create a dream board

Creating your vision and taking actions that are aligned with that vision is powerful. That’s why you need to write it all down. Spend some time thinking about your goals and dreams for the next year. Now find images or words that represent those goals and the actions you need to take to make them a reality.

Put it all together in a dream board that you can hang up over your desk or in another corner of your room that you see every day. 

How To Make a Vision Board by Lavendaire:

10. Explore your passions

What would your life look like if you were truly living and breathing your passion every day? Have you found your passion yet? If yes, are you actively pursuing them?

Take some time to reflect on your passions, interests, hobbies, etc. today. My post How to find your true passion and live a life you love has 5 questions you need to ask yourself if you want to know more about your passion and explore your purpose. 

11. Make a budget

Having your finances in order can be a huge relief. Create a budget and get your finances in order today! Learn how to get serious about saving, budgeting and investing.

Some resources you might find helpful:

12. Watch the sunset

I LOVE sunsets. It’s so peaceful and beautiful and they look so different every time so you never know what you’re gonna get. Take a few minutes to watch the sunset tonight. Pay attention to how it affects your mood and be inspired. Bonus: You will have a reason to go outside 🙂

13. Wake up early

Waking up early allows me to get the most out of my day. One thing that has made getting out of bed early a lot easier is my Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation. 

When you wake up early today take note of all the things you got accomplished in the morning. You can also work on establishing a morning routine. Here are 7 of my favorite tips to help you become a morning person and create a morning routine that works.

14. Work out

Make exercise fun today! Try a new class at the gym or sign up for something you’ve been meaning to try.  I usually dread any type of exercise. I hate going to the gym, I hate running etc.

BUT I decided to try out different classes and signed up for kickboxing on a whim because my friend needed a work out partner. Turns out I love kickboxing! If I could I would literally go every day. I’m so glad I decided to try something new that day and hopefully, you’ll be able to find something you love today as well!

15. Curl up with a soft blanket, a cup of tea and cozy socks

By far my favorite self-care exercise. Nothing says coziness like blankets, warm socks and a hot drink. Tea, hot chocolate or coffee – whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

16. Read a personal growth blog

Personal Development is so important. Make some time today to read a personal growth blog. Challenge your thoughts and try to improve in at least one area of your life.

A few of my favorite blogs you might want to check out:

17. Cook a healthy meal

Today is all about paying attention to what you put into your body. Cook a healthy meal carefully picking out the ingredients.

Be mindful when you’re eating. Sit down, light a candle, put your phone away and turn off the TV. 

Pick out a recipe you’ve been meaning to try for a while. Eating Well has the BEST healthy recipes out there. 

18. Declutter your closet

I do this at least every three months because I hate clutter so much. I go through every single item and think about the last time I wore it (if I can even remember).

The Blissful Mind has a great guide to declutter your closet. Spend at least an hour going through EVERY single item in your closet today. 

19. Do one thing that scares you

I’m not talking bungee jumping or sky diving but think all the little things that you perceive as scary. Start on that ebook you’ve been meaning to write, prepare and launch that blog you’ve been talking about for so long, apply to that new job, attend that conference or networking event – even if it scares you. 

20. Learn something new

Learning new skills has been one of my top priorities for a while. A few years ago I realized that I had stagnated and not learned any new skills in forever. Investing in educational opportunities is the key to growing and developing yourself. 

Websites such as Skillshare or Udemy make it easy to get started with pretty much anything you want to learn. Pick one of their free classes and learn something new!

21. Reconnect with an old friend

Think about that friend that you keep meaning to reach out to but life always gets in the way. Today make time and reconnect with him or her. Get together for coffee or dinner. You’ll be so glad you did. 

22. Get creative

Whether it’s scrapbooking, card making, painting or creative writing – get creative today. If you don’t think of yourself as a “naturally” creative person read this article about 11 ways to be more creative.

23. Make no plans at all

Enjoy the serenity of doing nothing. No appointments to keep, no schedule, no obligations – today you can do whatever you like (except for making plans)!

24. Create a bucket list

Make it a point to actively work on your bucket list today. What are your big plans and goals? If you already have one what can you cross off?

25. List 3 things you're proud of or grateful for

This could be accomplishments in your career, exercise or personal growth goals you achieved etc. I love this Gratitude Journal: Good Days Start With Gratitude: A 52 Week Guide To Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude

26. Go for a walk

Did you know that walking reduces stress and energizes you? Make time to go for a 30 minute walk today. Get up a little early or go on your lunch break but make an effort to get outside and get moving. 

27. Social Media Detox

Unplug. I always ask my boyfriend to change my passwords for my no social media days because I that I will probably tell myself that checking Instagram reaaaally quick won’t hurt anyone.

Turn off your phone, delete your social media apps for a day, ask someone you trust to change your password for a day – just find a way to survive this day without social media somehow.

28. Start tracking a new habit for a whole month

Tracking habits can be super powerful. Jumpstart your good habits with this beautifully designed journal and planner that holds 3 months of detailed daily records: The 120-Day Habit Tracker

29. Get a manicure or pedicure (or both)

Enough said! Treat yourself.

30. Brain Dump

Your last day of the 30-day challenge! Time for a brain dump. If you’re not familiar with the term a brain dump means writing down all your thoughts, worries. questions, feelings etc. so you can see all those things written down in front of you.

Reflect on and organize your thoughts about the last 30 days and evaluate possible new habits you want to incorporate into your life.

You did it!

30 days of self-care and self-improvement. I hope you’re mighty proud of yourself and will continue to grow and take care of yourself.