Are you making these common content mistakes?

Are you constantly creating new content wondering why you’re not gaining any traction? Writing great content is essential if you want to grow your business and attract new leads. I made a lot of these mistakes in the beginning myself but fortunately I kept track of all the things that DIDN’T work and can now share them with you so you don’t have to repeat them.

Here are six of the biggest content marketing mistakes, and the exact steps you can take to avoid them.

1. Too focused on followers

You only need to attract followers that will engage with your content. (I’m looking at you 10,000 follower accounts and zero engagement on your posts). Followers only matter if your audience CARES and engages with your content. Your goal is to have an engaged audience that consumes, comments on, shares and saves your content. That’s how you monetize your social media channels – an engaged audience will buy from you and turn into potential clients. 


Your follower count does not represent their real value to you. Build your brand. Be yourself and create stand out share-worthy content that speaks to your audience and is tailored to their needs. Make meaningful connections and focus on the followers that engage with you.

2. You don't take advantage of Email Marketing

Collect those email addresses! Sharing your content with your email list can expose your content to a whole new audience. Your chance to be seen and your conversion rates will also be a lot higher. 

For example, on Facebook, if you post an update only about 2% of your fans will even see it in their news feed. BUT, if you send an email campaign about 90% of your subscribers will receive it in their inbox. 


1. Figure out what your audience really needs. 
2. Pick an email marketing provider (such as MailChimp or ConvertKit). 
3. Create a targeted freebie that your audience will love.
4. S
tart getting subscribers with content marketing. Attract users to your content, and then promote your freebie so they can join your mailing list. 

3. No focused targeted niche

You don’t really know who your target market is (we’ve all been there). Your followers are following you for a certain reason and because they want to get content about a specific topic. So niche down, give the people what they want and grow much faster!

This is one of the biggest mistakes in content marketing. Creating random content is a waste your time because you’re not appealing to the audience you want to sell to. I used to simply scroll around on Pinterest and pin random ideas that sounded interesting to ME but I had no idea if they would relate to my target audience because I hadn’t done proper market research. 


Do your research and only create content that your audience craves and that will solve their problem. Get clear on who you want to attract as a follower and as a customer or client. Don’t start creating content or engaging until you understand who you need as an engaged follower.

4. You're not building a community

 This one relates back to only being focused on your followers. You’re not responding to every comment you get on your posts. You sit back and wait for people to find you. You’re not seeking out and networking with like-minded people and potential clients.


Build your tribe. Engage more than you post. Nurture your follower and find new potential followers, engage with them (respond to their Instagram stories, comment and like their posts) and start building an authentic relationship with them. DM and engage with your most engaged users. 

5. Doing too many things at once

You’re on every platform, constantly coming up with new topics! Writing blog posts, sending email newsletters, posting on Instagram and Facebook daily – phew! Unless your repurposing game is on point this will lead to content burn out real fast. 


Focus and start slow. Master one platform at a time and focus on the platforms that you audience hangs out at. 

6. No content or marketing strategy

You share random posts that you THINK your community might like. You don’t have any content goals, plan or hashtag strategy and hope for the best. Get your strategy on (Need help? Let me help you ;))

Final Thoughts

Are you making these mistakes right now? Content can be confusing (and infuriating at times) but with the right strategies your Content Marketing can be easy and effective. 

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