Do you want to grow your Affiliate Income this year? Gift Guides are the perfect way to promote your own products and share favorite affiliate products with your audience. They can help you to boost your sales and affiliate income throughout the holiday season, but different types of gift guides are popular all year long (think Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.)

Learn how to easily create your very own gift guide in Canva below (if you don’t have a Canva Account yet, you can sign up here for free)

Your Gift Guide Target Audience

Decide who your gift guide is for. Ideally, your gift guide should include products that speak to a very specific group of people. The more specific it is, the more likely it will be found on search engines like Pinterest or Google.

In my Holiday Gift Guide template, I included examples such as “Gift Guide for Small Business Owners” or “Pet Lover’s Gift Guide.” Other ideas include categories like “Wellness Gift ideas” or “Best Holiday Looks” or “Amazon finds under $100.”

Pro Tip: Research trending and popular products with Google Trends or Pinterest Trends to incorporate into your guide.

Gift Guide Product Photos

The most important aspect of your gift guide design are visually appealing images of the products you are recommending. 

It’s best to choose images with transparent or white backgrounds. You can easily remove your background directly in Canva (use the “Background Remover” tool in effects) or with a free tool like Drag and drop your images into your Gift Guide in Canva and adjust them to fit. Don’t forget to leave plenty of white space for a clean and  eye-catching look.

Gift Guide Template

Once you’ve decided on your target audience, picked and prepped all your favorite products to share  it’s time to create your Gift Guide.

I created a template to help you save time! It includes a variety of layouts, pre-made collages, and festive designs for different styles and types of gift guides.

Simply drag and drop the photos of the products you want to share into the templates. The bundle includes Guide templates AND matching Pinterest templates so you can post them on your blog and share them on Pinterest to drive traffic.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 10 unique Template Designs (10 pages 8.5” X 11″ and 10 matching Pinterest Pins  for a total of 20 templates)
  • Cover Pages
  • Various drag and drop grid and collage layouts
  • Call to Action and Summary Page

You can edit anything you would like including images, elements, fonts, and colors. Use the templates over and over for all your different gift guides!

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