• How to Create a Client Welcome Package and What to Include

    The Onboarding Process – What you need to know Finding and signing new clients consistently is nearly impossible without the right systems and processes. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you’re ready to onboarding a new client: What services and packages do you offer at what price point? How do […]

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    Market your product or service with Pinterest You may have heard a lot about Pinterest lately. It has more than 300 million users (with 85 million users in the US) and over 5% of all website referral traffic comes from Pinterest. Well, that’s nice, but how can it help your business. Maybe you’ve tried this […]

  • 8 Productivity Planners & Journals That Will Help You Get Your Life Together

    Let’s get planning! There is nothing quite as satisfactory as planning, am I right? Sometimes I spent hours creating my priority list or filling in my weekly to do’s. Planning just makes me happy 🙂 I realize that the sheer overwhelm of planners out there can be very frustrating so I put together a list of the 8 BEST productivity planners […]

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