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  • 5 Things I am grateful for about my Business

    I’m currently working on my 2022 yearly review and wrap up. To kick things off and in the spirit of gratitude here are 5 things I am grateful for about my business.

    1. Motivation – I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning because I’m so motivated about all the exciting projects I get to work on.
    2. Freedom – I have full creative freedom and get to try new ideas on my terms. I can experiment and do what feels right to me.
    3. Flexibility – I make my own schedule and control my own life-work balance. I can go on vacation without asking for permission and work from anywhere. And since I sell digital products I know I will still have sales coming in even when I’m not working.
    4. Self Improvement – It gives me an opportunity to work on myself every day. I have more time for people I love, more time to prioritize my health, and more opportunities to go outside of my comfort zone.
    5. Impact – I make a difference and have a positive effect on my community and my audience. I create products that help my customers solve problems and improve their lives and businesses.


    I challenge you to make your own list – why do you love your business? Or what do you love about your entrepreneurial journey?

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    Learn how to sell Canva Templates

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  • My 2021 Business Review

    2021 has been quite a ride and I thought it would be fun to do an annual review of my business to share with you – and give you a glimpse behind the scenes (personal and business).

    I’ll also share a quick recap of how I got started and my goals for this year. So pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and follow along 🦄

    Let's Go Back in Time

    It was November 2018 and I had just started a new marketing job for a big ed tech company. I decided to start a blog as a creative outlet and to try my hand at affiliate marketing. Julia On Purpose was born 🐣

    About 8 months later I started offering VA services. Things got serious in February 2020 when I quit my day job and then again in May 2020 when I launched my template shop 🎨

    Over the past 3+ years I evolved JOP into what it is today – a digital product and design business that brings me so much joy and fulfillment!

    Income Streams

    2021 was my first entirely product based income year. I quit all 1:1 services in Oct 2020 and started out fresh in 2021. And taking that risk paid off – my 2021 revenue doubled from 2020 – just exceeding my $100K profit goal. My main 3 income streams:

    • Template Kits
    • Membership
    • Affiliate Earnings

    Investments and Expenses

    My expenses were relatively low – mainly payment processing, ads and listing fees plus I invested in some new software and courses to make my life easier. Here are some of my favorites:

    New Things I created

    Biggest Challenges

    Delegating – I finally hired a VA and she’s awesome…but the whole concept of letting go of control and asking for help is still something I struggle with. Definitely a major goal for 2022 to delegate more effectively.

    Mental Health – 2021 was tough. Change and growth are scary so my anxiety was pretty high. Fortunately, I found some amazing resources to help like Neurofeedback and mediation.

    Trusting Myself – Shifting from “I don’t know” to “What is my intuition telling me to work on?” Not forcing myself to do things that feel out of alignment but to focus on what feels right to me.

    Personal Life Snapshot

    Deleted Instagram & Facebook – Finally giving my brain a much-needed break. Now I feel less stress and pressure. My mind feels so much lighter and my phone time went down by 30%.

    Fun Trips and Adventures – From the Carolina Mountains to South Carolina and Beach Weekends with our pug, even a longer trip to Europe to see family – we made some beautiful memories this year!

    Yoga Teacher Certification – I picked up Yoga a few years ago and decided to go for the Yoga Teacher Training this year. While I don’t plan on teaching it helped me grow immensely and I loved expanding my practice.

    Cozy Life – Decluttering and making our home as cozy as possible (blankets, candles, twinkle lights, etc.) I also stuck to my Morning Routine consisting of exercising, stretching, journaling, gratitude and meditation.

    Goals for 2022 - What's Coming Up

    Networking and Collaborating – I’m an introvert and enjoy my solitude but I do want to make an effort to get connected with more amazing entrepreneurs in 2022. Networking Parties, Bundles and Podcasts here I come.

    All Access Pass Template Hub – So excited to continue growing the Template Hub! There are lots of upcoming bundles and kits that I can’t wait to share with my members. I also plan on adding more tutorials and educational content and resources. 

    Canva Template Course – Finally started my new course for anyone who wants to learn how to successfully launch their very own Canva Template Shop. It will also include templates that you can resell to kickstart your Template Shop. More info and special launch price coming soon.

    Some type of 1:1 and Coaching Offer – Still figuring out the details for this but I get so many requests for this type of offer and 2022 feels like the right time to finally tackle this.

    A few surprises 🤫

    It’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I loved writing this post. What are your big goals for 2022??
  • How to make a Free Website in Canva in Minutes

    Are you ready to launch your business but not having a website is keeping you stuck? Do you want to promote your new service or offer but don’t have the budget or time to create a custom website or sales page in WordPress or Squarespace?

    Creating a website has never been easier! Canva has a new and improved Website Design feature and I’m walking you through it step-by-step! Keep reading to learn exactly how to design, customize and publish your FREE and responsive (yes, the new update is mobile and desktop-friendly Whoo!!) website, sales page, portfolio or whatever else you’d like to create!

    Psst…no worries – no complicated tech involved or website required – your page will be hosted in Canva!

    Step 1 - Design your Website

    Open a new or existing website design in Canva. You can either create your own from scratch or use one of their pre-made templates. Just type “website” into the search bar on Canva’s homepage.

    Customize your colors, fonts, images, etc. as you normally would in Canva. Don’t forget to hyperlink your call-to-action buttons or other elements clickable. Select the element you want to make clickable and click the chain icon on the top right side of the toolbar (if you don’t see it, click the 3 dots to expand the toolbar). Enter a link (such as your checkout page or payment processor link) and hit “Enter” or “Return” on your keyboard.

    Step 2 - Publish your Website

    Once you’ve finished adding all your brand colors, copy and images, click the “Publish as Website” button on the right top corner of the toolbar above the editor. Choose “Free Domain” and hit continue.

    Now let’s review your settings:

    • You have the option to customize your URL but the free version of the website will be published to a Canva domain and ends in “” You can also purchase a domain through Canva.
    • Customize your Browser Tab Preview. Change the site title and the favicon (a small icon that serves as branding for your website – this is optional, you can also keep the default Canva favicon). This preview will show on Google and browser tabs.
    • Add your Site Description. Include any applicable keywords. This description will appear below the page title and URL in search results.
    • Choose your permissions, e.g. add password protection if you only want to share this design with your team or a specific client.
    If everything looks good, it’s time to PUBLISH! 

    Step 3 - Celebrate and Share

    Uhm, did you just design a website?? Time to celebrate! View your website to make sure everything looks good and all your links are working. Now you can copy the link of your live website and proudly share away!

    Seriously, still can’t believe how easy Canva makes it to design a full blown website! How can you use Canva to kickstart your next webpage project? Will you create a basic website to share your services? Maybe a sales page for your latest course or digital product? Or a portfolio to find and impress your future clients? I would love to see your new website or sales page. Feel free to leave a link in the comments!

    Website Template Bundle

    Check out this portfolio website template I created for my All Access Pass Members. It includes a variety of layouts, pre-made pages and designs.

    A portfolio website is a great opportunity to showcase your work. It will help you stand out from the crowd, show your unique projects, build trust, and give others an opportunity to connect and book with you.

    ✓ Previous Work Samples, Case Study, and Links to specific examples
    ✓ About Me, Lead Magnet, Testimonials, and Contact Sections
    ✓ Instructions on how to publish and share your domain

    You can edit anything you would like including images, elements, fonts, and colors. Use the templates over and over for all your different website projects.

  • My Creativity Realised – Creative Goddess Podcast Interview

    I recently chatted with the amazing Charlotte Jenkins from the Creative Goddess Show. Her podcast is all about creativity, personal development, and becoming the best version of yourself (all my favorite things!!)

    Charlotte is on a mission to help as many women as possible connect with their creative passion too, so they can have more fulfillment and freedom in their lives.

    I was honored to be the first guest in her brand new mini-series – My Creativity Realised.

    In this episode, we talk about corporate job-hopping and the road to realizing what brings you the most joy in your creative business (hint – it’s not a straightforward one!).

    If you want to kickstart your creative journey make sure you check out this episode.

    And don’t forget to review and subscribe if you loved this episode ⭐️

    You can tune in below:

  • Black Friday Deals For Online Business Owners

    One of the most intense shopping weeks is upon us! Deals over deals – eek! I tracked down a few amazing deals for online business owners. ✨ Get ready to save and get inspired 

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