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  • 6 Canva Hacks to easily design beautiful Graphics for your Business

    What is Canva and why should you use it

    In a nutshell, Canva is the most popular and user-friendly graphic design tool out there. There are more than 10 million users worldwide who have already created over 400 million designs!

    So what makes it so user-friendly? If you have fiddled around with Photoshop or InDesign before (I know I have and I got frustrated quite a few times) you might know that there is a HUGE learning curve – and not everyone has the time to spend weeks or months to learn a new design program. With Canva on the other hand you only need a few minutes to figure out the basics and you are on your way!

    From flyers to social media posts to presentations and infographics Canva has it all! They also offer access to millions of stock images, design assets, icons, color palettes and fonts for all your design needs.

    Whether you’re just getting started or need some Canva hacks to design faster and more efficiently, keep reading for the best Canva tips and how-to’s.

    Getting Started - The Basics

    Choose your Design Type

    Start by deciding what you want to design (there are over 60 design types yo choose from or you can enter custom dimensions). Simply enter your search term (e.g. Instagram Story, Pinterest Pin, etc.) in the “Design anything” search box. Click on any of the suggested search results to open a new design. 

    Edit Text and Change Colors

    Select the text box you want to edit and type or paste in your text. You can either delete or add to any existing content in the text box.

    You can also add new text boxes by clicking on the Text tab from the side panel. Select between Add a heading, Add a subheading, or Add a little bit of body text to add a new text box. Use the editor toolbar (at the top of your screen) to format your text, change your font and resize your text box.

    Select the element or area you want to change and select the square icon in the left upper corner of your screen. The Canva color editor will open giving you lots of options to change the color.

    You’ll be able to add a new color, find specific color with hex codes or search for entire color palettes in the search bar. Just click the color you want to change the element to.

    Add and Upload Photos (+ filter photos)

    Canva has millions of stock photos that you can find in the Photos tab in the side panel. Use the search bar to look up specific images, or click the category buttons below the search bar to easily browse by category.

    The Canva stock photo library features free and paid images but you can filter by availability (free or paid) or orientation to reduce the selection of photos for any specific projects (see image below).

    To upload your own images select the Uploads tab in the side panel and hit “upload.” Choose where to upload your image from (Facebook, Dropbox, Device, etc.). Select the file to upload, and click Open.  Now you add them to your design by simply dragging them onto your page

    Canva Design Tips

    Now that you got all the basics down it’s time to go a little bit deeper. Here are 7 design hacks to easily design beautiful graphics for your business in no time! Before we dive in, check out these 10 free Instagram Templates:

    Resize and Crop your Design

    You can resize any element in Canva (textbox, photo, video, shape, etc.). Just select the element you want to resize and drag the white handles on the corners of the element in or out to make it larger or smaller.

    To crop an element select the element, photo, or video that you want to crop and hit “Crop” on the left side of your toolbar. Drag the white crop marks on the elements edges and hit “Finish” when you’re done. You can also crop media added to frames and grids.

    Canva Layers

    If you are trying to select a specific object but you can’t select it, it is most likely layered behind another object. Here is how to arrange which element is in the front and in the back:

    Select the element you want to move (either to the front or the back) and click “Position” in the upper right corner of the editor toolbar. Choose “Forward” to move it up one layer or “To Front” to move it all the way up. Choose “Backward” to move it down one layer or “To Back” to move it all the way to the back of the layers. 

    The “Position” tab is also where you can align your elements (top, middle, left, right).

    Group and ungroup your Design

    If you want to move or resize several different elements at the same time consider grouping your elements. You can either drag your cursor over all elements you want to select or hold down Shift while clicking on multiple elements. Now you just have to click “Group” in the top right-hand side of your editor toolbar.

    When you’re done editing and want to ungroup the elements again simply select your group of elements, and hit “Ungroup” (also located in the top right-hand side of your editor toolbar).

    Canva Brand Kit

    The Canva Brand Kit allows for easy access to your most important brand assets – your logo, brand colors and fonts. With the free version of Canva you can add up to 3 hex codes for your custom brand colors. 

    If you want to upload fonts, add text styles (e.g. the specific font and font size you want to use for all your headings), logos or create more color palettes you will have to upgrade to Canva Pro.

    Organize your Pages in Grid View

    If you like to add a lot of pages to your designs keeping track of all your individual pages can be challenging. But there is a way to get a full overview of your project (see image). Just click on “Grid View” at the bottom right hand side of your screen. 

    Here you can add pages (click the + icon on the last page), delete pages (click the trash can icon below the page you want to delete), duplicate pages (click the two-page icon below your page) and rearrange pages by selecting them and dragging them to another position. 

    To get back to your editor view you can simply exit out at the bottom right corner or double click on any page.

    Make your Designs clickable

    If you’re designing an eBook or PDF document you can hyperlink elements, photos, or text boxes. Just select the element you want to make clickable and select the chain icon on the top right side of the toolbar (if you don’t see it, click the 3 dots). 

    Enter your link and hit “Apply”. This is great for any Call-to-Actions (such as “Sign up here”) or if you want to add a link to provide additional information.

    Bonus: 12 Canva Keyboard Short Cuts

    • Group Elements – select all elements you want to group then Cmd/Ctrl + G
    • Move elements one pixel – arrow keys
    • Move elements ten pixel – shift + arrow keys
    • Add text box – T 
    • Add a line – L
    • Transform text box to all uppercase – Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + K
    • Copy and Paste elements – Cmd/Ctrl + C to copy and Cmd/Ctrl + P to paste
    • Undo and Redo an action – Cmd/Ctrl + Z to undo and Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + Z to redo
    • Resize elements (text boxes, photos, shapes, etc.) proportionally – Drag + Shift
    • Select all elements on the page – Cmd/Ctrl + A
    • Zoom in and Zoom out – Cmd/Ctrl + Plus or hyphen keys

    Final Thoughts

    There you go! Now you have all the tools you need to fast track your Canva mastery! Use the design tips and short cuts to design your next awesome graphic. If you want to save even more time and avoid starting from scratch check out my template shop. 

    Are there any other hacks you use often to make your Canva life easier? Let me know in the comments. 

    Let’s get creating!

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  • 10 Gift Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

    Getting the perfect gift for your favorite female business owner can be tricky. What exactly do they need for their business? Or maybe you’re a female entrepreneur yourself looking for the perfect gift to treat yourself for your upcoming business anniversary or for hitting your first big income goal. The needs of a female CEO are pretty unique but there are some great gift ideas that will make them say “Wow, how did you know??”

    Best Gift Ideas for the Female Bosses, Bloggers, Coaches and Virtual Assistants in your Life​

    I’ve been a business owner for almost two years now and I compiled a list of all the things, gifts and tools that have really helped me in getting my business to the next level. Owning a business comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges (such as making time for self-care, using the right business tools, work life balance, burnout, staying healthy, etc.) This post has all the gift ideas you need to show the female entrepreneur in your life (whether that’s someone you care about or yourself ;)) that you want them to succeed on every level.

    1. Business and Productivity Planners

    Got great plans for the year ahead? How about gifting these productivity planners and journals?

    I highly recommend the Productivity Planner. It combines productivity principles like the Pomodoro style work system into a simple daily format that will help you tackle unfocused and unaccomplished “busy” days.

    I compiled a list my 4 favorite planners below:

    If you need more planner recommendations check out my other blog post here: 8 Productivity Planners that will help you get your life together.

    2. Editable Business Design Templates

    All entrepreneurs will need some type of marketing materials at some point in their journey. Whether they’re  a coach looking to create a welcome packet for their clients or a fashion blogger looking to increase engagement on Instagram – there is no need to spend hours creating the perfect posts or packets from scratch. Maybe you just created your first online course (yay) and now you need to add a professional workbook? 

    Check out my shop for all kinds of templates to simplify your social media marketing, enhance your client experience or create a beautiful eBook:

    3. Empowering Tees for Female Bosses

    You know those motivational, fun shirts that make you laugh and say “That’s so me” (or “That’s so [insert friends name here] ). Tees can be such a personal and thoughtful gift for your favorite female entrepreneur. Help them share their personality with the world and rep their business by gifting them these fun tees.

    Female Boss Creations makes shirts for fearless and proud female entrepreneurs. These empowering tees are great conversation starters and perfect for impactful social media posts for all female CEO’s in your life.

    4. Home Office Essentials to stay Organized

    Let’s face it – online business owners are at their desks and in front of their computer like all the time. These cute feminine office supplies will make their work place so much more enjoyable and increase their productivity.

    5. Website and Landing Page Templates

    Want to gift a full-blown website? Check out these website templates from Bluchic. Whether you’re a WordPress Wonder Woman or a “non-techy” WordPress Newbie, Bluchic got the perfect theme to build a WordPress website that brings your vision to life. With step-by-step instructions and video tutorials included, setting up your very own website has never been easier.

    My past 3 website themes (including my current one) have all been Bluchic themes and I have been so happy with them.

    6. Practical Items for Health and Self-Care

    Speaking of sitting in front of your computer all day…The female entrepreneur in your life will love these practical items to improve their health and make time for self-care. I never go anywhere without my blue light glasses to prevent eye strain and headaches from starring at the computer all day. I also love my exercise ball and wobble cushion (yes I have both ha) to improve my posture and strengthen my core while working.

    7. Business Courses and Trainings

    One of the best gifts you can give someone to grow their business are courses and trainings to advance their skills and ultimately increase their income (the gift that keeps on giving). Online courses have been booming in the last few years (especially since Corona turned our lives upside down). Seeing how you get immediate access they’re also a perfect last minute gift if you dropped the ball (definitely guilty of this).

    I took tons of courses over the last few years but here are my Top 3:

    The Hot List by Krista Dickson

    The perfect course for digital entrepreneurs and course creators who need help starting, growing, and selling to their email lists. It also includes sales page and email funnel templates that are absolute gold.

    Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

    A comprehensive affiliate marketing course for bloggers of any stage. If you have a blog that you want to monetize you can learn how to make a full-time income from your blog with some easy to implement affiliate marketing tricks that entice your readers to love, click, and buy.

    The Savvy Vault for Freelancers

    A collection of trainings made by experienced Virtual Assistants to teach you the industry and tech skills you need to succeed. Attract higher paying clients and understand the tech behind building your own business.

    8. Business Books to inspire and motivate

    Who doesn’t love books? They make a great gift for anyone especially when they are filled with practical business advice. These books can teach you a thing or two about business, mindset, strategy, and success!

    If you need more recommendations check out this blog post: The Best 5 Books for Female Entrepreneurs.

    The Kindle Unlimited Membership is also a great gift with access to over 1 million ebooks for free! The membership plans are giftable and offer unlimited reading and unlimited listening on any device.

    9. Design Tools - Canva Pro Membership

    I’m going to make the bold assumption that you’ve heard of Canva before. More than 30 Million users are already loving Canva and while its free option already offers tons of features they’re paid pro version is BEYOND amazing! Canva Pro only costs 10 dollars a month ($13 if you pay monthly)… and it will rock your world. Resize any design, add team members, access to millions of free stock photos and videos, create a brand kit and SO. MUCH. MORE.

    10. Instagram Marketing Success Bundle

    The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Bundle is for every entrepreneur wanting to attract the right followers on Instagram and turn them into paying clients (don’t we all??). The bundle is jam-packed with strategy and planning sheets, Canva templates and other Instagram tools making it the perfect gift for any entrepreneur who uses social media. 

    It includes the following:

    • 50+ page Instagram Planner and Strategy Guide with all of the key planning sheets you’ll need to organize your account, develop a consistent brand, create intentional content that sells, and so much more
    • 10 editable Engagement Booster Instagram Post Templates
    •  Best Tools and Apps for Instagram Cheatsheet
    • Instagram Caption Templates

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  • Must-Have Canva Templates every Online Entrepreneur needs

    So you probably heard about Canva now (psst…if you haven’t, Canva is a free graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and more). They have seen record growth numbers this year taking the design world by storm seeing how they are incredibly user-friendly (no Photoshop or graphic design knowledge required).

    No wonder so many entrepreneurs and online business owners are using (and raving over) Canva to create their graphics and design assets to market their business. 

    Canva does offer free templates, however since everyone has access to these free templates it can get repetitive (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the exact template used by multiple brands) and time-consuming since you have to look through all their options trying to find the right template that fits your brand and your needs.

    That’s why I put together a summary of the 3 must-have Canva templates you need for your business plus a pre-made template recommendation for each category.

    1. Workbook and eBook Template

    If you sell (or plan on selling) digital products in your business you need workbook and eBook templates. You can create a profitable eBook, grow your email list with a high-quality lead magnet or design a professional workbook to accompany your next online course. 

    These Canva templates are ideal for course and digital product creators. They include lots of different page designs – worksheets, checklists, challenges, diagrams, and much more! They are completely customizable and can be reused as many times as you’d like.

    Perfect for coaches, virtual assistants, social media managers, or really anyone who wants to create a course workbook, eBook or lead magnet.

    Recommended Template: eBook and Workbook Template for Course Creators

    2. Social Media Templates

    Creating standout and engaging social media templates can be hard. Show up as an authority in your industry, grow your followers and turn them into paying clients and customers with Instagram and Facebook templates.

    Recommended Template: Instagram Engagement Booster Template Bundle

    The Instagram Engagement Booster Bundle is a collection of 100 Canva templates designed to help you create viral social media posts including checklists, diagrams, text, quotes, mockups for your freebies and digital products, and so much more! 

    3. Client Experience Templates

    If you’re an online service provider you need a streamlined process to share your pricing, packages, and signature offers. Showcase your portfolio, testimonials, and past results with case studies. Set clear expectations and give your clients everything they need from the start. 

    Don’t send dozens of emails to your client trying to figure out scheduling, expectations, timelines, payments, and questions. Show your new clients how professional you are and impress them by sending a professional Services and Pricing Guide (for inquiries) or Welcome Package (to onboard your clients). 

    Sending a welcome packet will make your clients will feel empowered and ensured that they made the right decision in hiring you.

    Recommended Templates: 
    Service and Pricing Guide Template (for Client Inquiries)
    Welcome Packet Template (for Client Onboarding)

    Bonus: Coaching Service Package

    Coaches have specific needs when it comes to Welcome Packages. You will need a Services and Pricing Template that is specifically made for Coaches to convert new potential clients. You should showcase things like your coaching journey, coaching framework, pricing, payment options and more.

    Recommended Template: Coaching Package Pricing Template

    Final Thoughts

    Templates can make your life a whole lot easier and help you stand out. They will save you time, money and get more eyes on your content, products and services. Make sure to check out my shop for more beautiful and simple-to-use marketing and business templates to help you elevate your design.

    Do you currently use any templates for your business? What are your favorites?

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  • How I became a booked out Virtual Assistant and quit my 9 to 5 (and how you can, too)

    About 1.5 years ago I found out about the wondrous world of “Virtual Assisting.” I could be self-employed and “assist” people online with the skills I already had? Yeah okay right.

    I had already played with the idea of monetizing a blog for a while. I even started one and wrote a few posts but except for a few occasional affiliate sales, it was a random time-consuming hobby). Could people really make money online? 

    I had a marketing degree and a few years of experience working in the corporate world. But would anyone pay me when I offered these skills online? I was very skeptical, to say the least. 

    I wasn’t particularly fond of my 9-5 and was so tired of my 10 days of vacation every year. So the promise of “being my own boss” and “working from anywhere” definitely sounded appealing to me. 

    To start out I decided to launch it as a side hustle. I wanted to see if this crazy idea would even be sustainable or bring in any money at all. I researched, learned, and read everything about Virtual Assistants that I could find. I rebranded my blog writing about all things online business and marketing. 

    I started my social media channels and crafted my offers and packages. And after a few weeks, I had my first client and my first PAID invoice – what?! So this thing was actually a legit business idea – woo!

    Within a few months, I was booked out

    Once I found my first client things started to snowball. My first client referred me to two other clients, people found me on Instagram or my website and reached out…it was crazy.

    I worked hard so I could work at my 9-5 AND for my VA clients. It was challenging at times (lots of late nights and teaching myself all kinds of skills) but it paid off.

    After about 4 months I was ready to quit my full-time job (something I never ever thought I would say).

    There I was – a full-time self-employed Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager. Happy, excited, confident, and terrified. For the first time in my life, I was my own boss. Could I really do this?!

    I’m going to be honest with you. It was (and continues to be) HARD WORK. All the late nights and steep learning curves I mentioned earlier were exhausting but I knew I wanted this to work out more than anything. So I pulled through.

    What did I offer?  

    I specialized in social media and content creation. I managed social media and Pinterest accounts for life and career coaches. I created content for blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels. I designed social media graphics, wrote blog posts, researched the best keywords and tags, and so much more.

    It was such an incredible feeling to work with people 1:1. I helped small business owners succeed in their marketing efforts.

    The best part? I was my own boss. It was everything I imagined and more. I know working from home is not for everybody but I could never go back.

    I don’t have to deal with my morning commute. I can finally sleep in or wake up early (depending on how I feel). I have time to go for a long morning walk with my dog every day. I implemented a morning routine (walk, work out, stretching, coffee, meditating, journal, self-care).

    I choose the clients I want to work with and the services I want to offer. I spend all day with my dog (my favorite part). The advantages are endless.

    Hands down the best decision I ever made.

    After a while, I started shifting the focus in my business offering more specialized services and digital products (but that’s a story for another day).

    I hope sharing my story will make you realize that starting your dream business (and dream life) is possible. Just go for it!

    If you need more help or want to start your own Virtual Assistant Business I got something special for you!

    Check out my 40 page eBook – “Become a successful Virtual Assistant in 5 Weeks.” I want to help as many aspiring VA’s as possible so I’m offering it for free!

    I break down EVERYTHING you need to kickstart and launch your VA business in just 5 weeks. 

    What you will learn:

    • Create your offers
    • Brand and name your business
    • All the tools and programs you need
    • How to find clients
    • Market yourself
    • Legal Stuff
    • And so much more!

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  • The Best 5 Books for Female Entrepreneurs – Must Read!

    woman reading book on the floor pink shirt

    Over the last few years, I’ve read dozens of books and some of them have been total life and game changers for my business.

    I’ve come up with my top five best books for female entrepreneurs. I’m convinced that they will help you take your business to the next level and crush your goals (as they did for me ;)).

    Maybe you started your business recently or you’ve been at it for a while and are thinking of quitting? Wait!
    Get ready to be inspired and overcome your limiting beliefs. These books can teach you a thing or two about business, mindset, strategy, and success!

    Keep on reading to learn from the best and most successful women in the business world.

    You are a Badass at Making Money – Jen Sincero

    You are a badass at making money book cover

    This one had to come first since it’s my favorite book ever! The funny thing is that I would have never ever bought this book for myself (phew money issues, me?) but fortunately my business coach sent me this book…and my life hasn’t been the same since.

    I rarely related to a book this much. It’s like Jen Sincero is in your head, working hard to get you all the wealth you ever dreamed of.

    Wealth is already available to each of us. All you have to do is change your mindset and tap into that wealth. This book teaches you how.

    If you’ve been struggling to make money or to scale your business get “You are a badass at making money” right here.

    Everything is Figureoutable – Marie Forleo

    Everything is figureoutable Book Cover

    “Everything is figureoutable.” So much more than a fun quote to pin to your Pinterest board. It’s a way of life.

    I love her honesty, passion, and unapologetic optimism.

    Get ready to build the attitude and mindset necessary to create your dream business.

    Marie Forleo breaks down what exactly makes up the “figureoutable” in life. All you have to do is follow the advice in this book so that you can figure things out as you go along in life.

    Ready to become the creative force of your own life? Get “Everything is figureoutable” here.

    Mind Your Business: A Workbook to Grow Your Creative Passion Into a Full-time Gig – Ilana Griffo

    Mind Your Business: A Workbook to Grow Your Creative Passion Into a Full-time Gig Book

    I hadn’t heard of this book before but my friend recommended it and I love the workbook style.

    It’s filled with tons of lists, prompts, and planning pages so you can brainstorm and self reflect:

    • Pros and cons of being your own boss
    • Why do I want to start a business
    • business expenses
    • brand board…

    And so much more.

    If you’re planning, dreaming about, or wanting to scale your creative passion this book is for you.

    It covers everything from identifying your ideal client to legal guidelines to productivity.

    Get “Mind your Business” here.

    The Universe Has Your Back Gabrielle Bernstein

    The Universe has your back book

    As you might suspect from the title this book is a little woo-woo…but in the best of ways!

    Gabrielle’s stories and lessons provide a framework for achieving happiness, security, and clarity.

    Reading this book felt like a warm blanket with a mug of hot tea. It has helped me overcome a lot of my self-confidence and insecurity issues.

    If you want to learn how to shift your awareness from fear to love, purpose, and freedom this book is for you.

    Get “The Universe has your back” here.

    She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur – Carrie Green

    Carrie Green She Means Business Book

    The perfect guide for all the dreamers and doers out there! There has never been a better time to start your own online business. This book teaches the foundations you need with actionable, easy to read chapters.

    Carrie shares all the challenges she faced when she started her own business years ago (and how she overcame them).

    After reading this book you will believe that you, too can have a successful business no matter what.

    You will finally be able to understand the fears and doubts that can get in the way when starting your business. You will also learn how to get clear on your business vision (a big block for me in the beginning) and so much more!


    If you want more, check out Carrie’s course “Start and Grow your Membership Site.” I signed up and can’t wait to dig in because I know her content and knowledge is absolute gold!

    Have you read any of these books for female entrepreneurs? Which book is next on your list?

    Leave any recommendations on what other books I should have on my reading list below.

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    5 best books for female entrepreneurs Pinterest Pin
    5 best books for female entrepreneurs Pinterest Pin
    Are you a female blogger or influencer? Check out this 4-page media kit template: