Coaching Client Welcome Packets are a new Client’s best friend when it comes to working with you. And they can make your life so much easier! Give your client all the information they need up front in a well-thought out packet filled with important information, a coaching program outline, policies and expectations. Not only will you avoid emailing back and forth (and risk forgetting something) but you will also get them excited to start their coaching journey with you!

Here is everything you should consider including in your Coaching Client Welcome Packet:

Introduction and Welcome

This is your chance to share a personal note or a link to a welcome video you recorded just for them. Congratulate them on taking this important step investing in themselves. Ensure them that they made the right decision and that you will do everything you can to make this whole process as easy as possible. 

You can also include a short bio here reminding them why you’re the perfect fit to help them with their problem. Recap your coaching journey, your expertise and potentially some of your past client results. If you work with team members who your client may be in contact with you can also briefly introduce them here (name and title).

Investment and Payment

If you offer different payment plans or options add more detailed information about this process here. How can they pay you? What benefits or bonuses does each payment option include? How many payments will they make over what period of time? When do they have to submit their payment by? Do you offer any refunds or guarantees? What happens if your client misses a payment? Include a reminder that the program cannot start until you receive your payment if applicable.

Finally, don’t forget to explain what happens next after they purchase. Coaching Programs aren’t cheap so make them feel at ease by walking them exactly through each step of the process (confirmation email, receipt, etc.)

You can create professional invoices for your clients and accept payments with free tools such as Wave.

Coaching Program Details

Briefly explain all of the services included in your coaching package and give a clear overview. Include everything that’s relevant for their exciting coaching journey ahead such as the timeline, the process, goals, and anything else that you want them to be aware of. 

You can include some or all of the following details:

  • Coaching Program Benefits – overview of everything that’s included
  • Timeline – start and end date of your program
  • Tools – How will you conduct your sessions (online, phone, in-person) and what tool will they need (Zoom, FaceTime)
  • Any type of additional support you offer (e.g. Voxer access, email support, website audit)
  • Program Goals – What are the specific aspects you will cover in your program? What outcome do you want your client to achieve and how will you support their efforts?

Make sure you make this section exciting and engaging as well as relevant and informative!

Pro Tip: The Coaching Client Welcome Packet includes a pre-written Content Outline for your Program Details – just change out the details, and add your business information.

Success Guidelines

Outline any guidelines you have to make your program a success. This is a great place to manage expectations and set boundaries. Some things that you could add here:

  • Coaching Objectives 
  • What I expect from my Client (e.g. be on time for each session and ready to work)
  • What to expect from the Coach (e.g. remain professional, stick to ethical standards)
  • Communication Guidelines – your response time, business hours, etc.

Coaching Calls

Use this section to summarize your call policies – Frequency of their sessions (weekly, monthly, biweekly), Duration (1 hr, 90 min, etc.) and total number of sessions throughout the coaching relationship (e.g. 1 kickoff call, 5 weekly calls). Explain how they can schedule their calls and provide any scheduling links if applicable. You can use free scheduling tools for this such as Acuity

Outline your specific call policies. What if they miss a call or fail to reschedule? Explain how they can best prepare for each call so they can get the most out of it. Should they decide on what area they’d like to focus on beforehand? 

Pro Tip: You can create a Coaching Prep Questionnaire or Coaching Session Planner for them to fill out at least 24 business hours in advance.

Coaching Contract

Don’t forget the legal stuff. You can either insert a link to your Coaching Contract or attach it directly. Make sure you explain how they can sign and return it to you. They could fill it out and email it back to you (the old-fashioned way) but that’s rather time-consuming so I suggest using a program like Hello Sign so they can just sign online with one click.

Pro Tip: The Coaching Client Welcome Packet includes a Sample Coaching Contract Template with prompts to fill out and create each section.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

List and answer any questions previous clients may have asked you that might be useful for your new clients as well. Encourage them to reach out to you if they have any additional questions. You can also think of other information you want to share and turn them into questions. Some examples:

  • What tools will I need?  – You can share any tools you use for your coaching sessions but also other useful resources such as videos, blog posts, apps, etc.
  • What if we don’t click?
  • How can I share feedback?
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule a session?

Worksheets and Client Homework

This section is great for any prep work you want your client to complete. Provide your clients with worksheets or assign them specific homework so they can prepare for your program. Goal Setting Worksheets, Life Vision Exercises or Question prompts to help your client identify their goals and motivations work well for this. If you have a coaching session planner worksheet ask your client to fill this out before each call so you can both prepare.

You can also create a handy checklist for your clients to complete and add different sections such as ‘to be completed before we start’, ‘to be completed by a certain date’, weekly checklists, day prior to session checklist or after session checklists.

That way you can ensure your client is on track and there is no confusion about what needs to get done when. By following this checklist your client will get the best return on their investment. Stick to simple tasks and go over the checklists during your first session if needed.

Thank You and Contact

The final section of the Coaching Client Welcome Packet is perfect to recap everything your client needs to do before your next call such as “Sign your Contract” or “Book your first call.”

If you’re creating this packet in Canva you can easily insert links. Select the element you want to link (in the example below I want to add a link to the “Submit your payment” button). Select the “Link” symbol, insert the URL of your choice and hit enter. When you save your design as PDF File your buttons are now clickable. Don’t forget to add your most relevant contact information here so they can easily get in touch with you whenever they feel stuck or need extra support

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Imagine having a welcome packet that you can tweak and reuse over and over for each new client. 

If you need help creating your packet check out this editable Coaching Client Welcome Packet Template or the Coaching Client Intake Form Templates. I already did the hard work for you by designing and putting it all together. All you need to do is customize the templates to match your branding, save as a PDF and send it to your client. The template can be reused as many times as you’d like!

    Let’s get to it! I’m excited to see what you create and I’m sure your clients will absolutely love receiving your Welcome Packet.

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