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I consider waking up early a personal time investment in myself. Most of the time you’re really not getting up early for anyone but yourself. To enjoy some peace and serenity. To start your day off right. 

While waking up early is still hard (it gets easier though, I promise) I know that it increased my productivity and my mood by 100%. I wanted to share 7 of my favorite tips to help you become a morning person and create a morning routine that works.

Start Small

Let’s face it – it’s unrealistic to expect yourself to get up at 5 am every day when you’re used to sleeping in until 8 am. Instead, start with small 5 minute increments. Wake up 5 minutes earlier every day for two weeks before kicking off your morning routine. 

Let’s say you usually get up at 8 am to get dressed and rush to work. If you get up 5 minutes early (Day 1 – 7:55 am, Day 2 – 7:50 am, Day 3 – 7:45 am etc.)  you will have gained 70 minutes after just two weeks.

It’s much easier to trick your body into waking up earlier if you start small. Your new wake up time after two weeks – 6:50 am.

Create an evening routine 

In order to have a successful morning routine you need to create an evening routine. For me that consists of the following:

  • Set up my next day in my bullet journal
  • Meal Plan and pack my lunch
  • Program my coffee machine 
  • Read a book or listen to an audio book on Audible to unwind so I can go to bed at a decent time

Use a Wake Up Light Alarm

There is nothing worse than waking up in darkness to the blaring sound of your alarm. The Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation wakes up your body naturally by simulating a gradual sunrise. It slowly brightens over a 30 min period BEFORE your alarm goes off.

It truly makes the biggest difference waking up to a brightly lit room. 


Ok, before you skip this paragraph – hear me out. I’ve been there. I tried to get up early and go to the gym in the morning a few times but it just doesn’t work for me. Gym time is for the weekends and evenings when I have time and actually WANT to go. 

We now have a “home gym” meaning that my boyfriend has some gym equipment in the garage and I have a small TV, a yoga mat and some weights in our spare bedroom. 

For me, the key was to eliminate any unnecessary steps or obstacles that I needed to overcome before working out. Get up, get ready, get dressed, walk to the car, drive to the gym, park etc.

Now I roll out of bed, turn on a workout or Yoga video on You Tube and go. 
I realize that not everyone has the luxury of a spare bedroom or a garage but even just a video on your phone and enough space to stretch out on the floor is all you need.

Have something to look forward to

As lame as this may sound you need something to look forward to so you can get out of bed. For me that’s as simple as coffee. I love my coffee and frequently try different flavored coffee, type of creamers, flavor shots etc.

I also have a few favorite mugs that I get excited about using. 
Programming my coffee machine (get yourself a programmable coffee machine if you don’t have one already! It will change your life) and getting up to the smell of fresh coffee really motivates me (on most days anyway). 

Other ideas that might motivate you to get out of bed:

  • listen to your favorite song or podcast
  • light your favorite scented candle
  • drink tea
  • watch the sunrise
  • wear a new outfit
  • read a few pages of a new book
  • meditate
  • gratitude journal
  • make a healthy breakfast

Whatever it may be, take some time to sit down and reflect on what would get you out of bed. Try to come up with a few different things to look forward to so you can switch it up throughout the week.

Get Organized

I don’t know about you but being organized makes me feel happy and motivated.

I go over my planner, my top 3 priorities for the day, make my bed and straighten up a few things around the house. 

Pro Tip: Track your morning routine in your bullet journal or just track which days you managed to get up early. It will motivate you to continue. 

Work on something you’re truly passionate about

Since I started this blog it got a lot easier for me to get up early. Instead of dreading going to work first thing after I get up, I now have some time to work on something I’m truly passionate about and that I’m just doing for me.

Believe it or not but as I’m writing this post it is currently  7:45 am 🙂
My goal is to ultimately have a profitable online business. I firmly believe that very morning and every hour I spent working on this blog brings me closer to this goal. 

Morning time is such a great time to be creative, productive and passionate for something you truly care about. Don’t let that morning energy go to waste!

My Morning Routine 

To give you an idea of how to implement these tips I put together my typical morning routine:

  • 5:30 AM – Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock turns on 
  • 6:00 AM – Get up and walk my pup
  • 6:15 AM – Exercise for 30 min
  • 6:45 AM – Shower and get dressed while my programmable coffee machine starts brewing my coffee
  • 7:15 AM – Organize my workspace and set my top 3 priorities for the day 
  • 7:30 AM – Drink coffee and work on my business for an hour
  • 8:30 AM – Leave for work

Again, this routine will look different for everyone. This is what works for me. I still have days where I just can’t get up or when my schedule looks different.

When you’re having a hard time getting up remember that creating a thoughtful and effective morning routine can truly change your habits and your life.

Do you have a morning routine? Is there anything you would add? I would love to know more about your routine so please share your thoughts in the comments 🙂