As some of you may know, I’m obsessed with MemberVault and use it for all things passive income (hosting my freebie hub, my courses and my membership, my template bundles, etc.)

It’s an amazing tool to not only host your products and services but it’s also loaded with tools to help you customize your customer’s experience.

MemberVault has been an absolute game changer in my business and I wanted to share some of my favorite ways I use it to grow my business.

What is MemberVault?

Technically, it’s an Online Course Platform BUT you can do so much more with it. Whether it’s a 1:1 service, course, coaching, client onboarding, membership or eBooks  – MV allows you to quickly create, sell and deliver your offers – all in one place. Like I mentioned above, I use it to host all the things.

You can play around with sales strategies, evolve as you see what works for you and your audience using features like quiz questions, engagement tracking, hot leads, action triggers and more.

What makes it different from other Course Platforms?

First of all, their customer service is incredible and they have an amazing supportive Facebook Community.

They emphasize how they’re leaning away from how SaaS companies usually operate – which is focusing on constant growth above all else.

They have zero Transaction Fees on the Sale of Your Products.

MemberVault already has a basic built in Affiliate Tracking system so you don’t need any additional software to manage your affiliate marketing efforts.

The customization options are endless! You can add your branding, module covers, banners, custom buttons, downloads and so on. You can really make it your own and get creative.

How much does it cost?

They have a very simple pricing structure – one unlimited-everything plan for $99/month. That means you can have as many users, students, products, files, etc. as you’d like and always pay the same price.

Create beautiful MemberVault Products

How can I use MemberVault to grow my Business?

This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are many more ways to use MemberVault but let’s go over some of my favorite ways to use MemberVault to host, sell and promote your products and offers:

  • Subscriber Freebie Hub
  • Online Course
  • Membership
  • Canva Templates
  • Coaching Calls
  • Client Onboarding
  • Discovery Call Booking Option
I’ll start with the options I’m currently using myself:

1. Subscriber Freebie Hub​

It all starts with your Subscriber Freebie Hub. It allows you to host all of your best free content in one place rather than creating a new product for each of of your lead magnets. 

Not only is this a great way to grow your email list but it also gives your audience an opportunity to explore your paid products (MemberVault calls this a binge and buy marketplace). 

Here is an example of my Subscriber Bonus Hub and the type of content I include

2. Online Course

Courses are so fun to set up in MemberVault! You can customize your course details such as type, payment options, teaser content, description, etc. Then break up your content into Modules and Lessons. You can place ANY kind of audio, video, text, or download into MemberVault. After you add your lesson, you can also add downloadable files and quiz questions to boost engagement.

I recently launched my latest course The Canva Template Shop Success Kit in MemberVault:

3. Membership

MemberVault is a great platform for memberships because it provides you with the ability to track your members’ engagement. This allows you to know who your most engaged members are as well as what areas of your content are of most interest to your members and which are not.

Their payment integration feature currently gives the option for one-time, recurring monthly, recurring weekly, and recurring yearly payments  – which is also perfect for hosting a paid membership site or group.

I use MemberVault to host my annual Canva Template Membership:

4. Canva Templates

You can host any type of digital product or template in MemberVault such as Canva Template Bundles. I love designing an exclusive experience vs. just giving my customers a lame access link to the template directly. You can turn a simple template into a “course” experience.

In the example below I created 3 modules:

1. A welcome module with general information (FAQ’s, Instructions, Licensing, etc.)
2. The main module with download buttons to access the templates and a detailed User Guide.
3. A bonus module with even more resources and some other suggested products.

4. Coaching Calls

Create a resource area for your coaching clients. MemberVault is perfect to share call scheduling details, upload call recordings, or to share any recommended books and resources with your clients. You can set up individual products for each client, or a collective product for all of your 1:1 clients. 

5. Client Onboarding

Make your 1:1 clients feel extra special with an onboarding area full of things they need to know about working with you. You can upload contracts for your client to sign, record special welcome videos, compile resources and more! Again, you can set up individual products for each client, or a collective product for all of your 1:1 clients. 

6. Discovery Call Booking Option

If you offer discovery calls for your 1:1 service or coaching program you can add this as a product in MemberVault as well. Simply link out to either your discovery call schedule link, or your application process (such as a Google Survey or a TypeForm application).

7. Feedback and Support

MemberVault makes it easy to get testimonials and feedback by giving the option to add quiz questions to each lesson. You can use those questions to give the user an open-ended way to respond to questions such as “What was your biggest takeaway?”or “What would have made your experience better?” You can read and reply to the quiz answers right in your dashboard. So easy and effective.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post gave you some great ideas to get started on your MemberVault Journey and to set up your Binge and Buy Marketplace.

Create beautiful MemberVault Products