So you probably heard about Canva now (psst…if you haven’t, Canva is a free graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and more). They have seen record growth numbers this year taking the design world by storm seeing how they are incredibly user-friendly (no Photoshop or graphic design knowledge required).

No wonder so many entrepreneurs and online business owners are using (and raving over) Canva to create their graphics and design assets to market their business. 

Canva does offer free templates, however since everyone has access to these free templates it can get repetitive (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the exact template used by multiple brands) and time-consuming since you have to look through all their options trying to find the right template that fits your brand and your needs.

That’s why I put together a summary of the 3 must-have Canva templates you need for your business plus a pre-made template recommendation for each category.

1. Workbook and eBook Template

If you sell (or plan on selling) digital products in your business you need workbook and eBook templates. You can create a profitable eBook, grow your email list with a high-quality lead magnet or design a professional workbook to accompany your next online course. 

These Canva templates are ideal for course and digital product creators. They include lots of different page designs – worksheets, checklists, challenges, diagrams, and much more! They are completely customizable and can be reused as many times as you’d like.

Perfect for coaches, virtual assistants, social media managers, or really anyone who wants to create a course workbook, eBook or lead magnet.

Recommended Template: eBook and Workbook Template for Course Creators

2. Social Media Templates

Creating standout and engaging social media templates can be hard. Show up as an authority in your industry, grow your followers and turn them into paying clients and customers with Instagram and Facebook templates.

Recommended Template: Instagram Engagement Booster Template Bundle

The Instagram Engagement Booster Bundle is a collection of 100 Canva templates designed to help you create viral social media posts including checklists, diagrams, text, quotes, mockups for your freebies and digital products, and so much more! 

3. Client Experience Templates

If you’re an online service provider you need a streamlined process to share your pricing, packages, and signature offers. Showcase your portfolio, testimonials, and past results with case studies. Set clear expectations and give your clients everything they need from the start. 

Don’t send dozens of emails to your client trying to figure out scheduling, expectations, timelines, payments, and questions. Show your new clients how professional you are and impress them by sending a professional Services and Pricing Guide (for inquiries) or Welcome Package (to onboard your clients). 

Sending a welcome packet will make your clients will feel empowered and ensured that they made the right decision in hiring you.

Recommended Templates: 
Service and Pricing Guide Template (for Client Inquiries)
Welcome Packet Template (for Client Onboarding)

Bonus: Coaching Service Package

Coaches have specific needs when it comes to Welcome Packages. You will need a Services and Pricing Template that is specifically made for Coaches to convert new potential clients. You should showcase things like your coaching journey, coaching framework, pricing, payment options and more.

Recommended Template: Coaching Package Pricing Template

Final Thoughts

Templates can make your life a whole lot easier and help you stand out. They will save you time, money and get more eyes on your content, products and services. Make sure to check out my shop for more beautiful and simple-to-use marketing and business templates to help you elevate your design.

Do you currently use any templates for your business? What are your favorites?

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