I love reading people’s annual reviews and roundups so I wanted to write my own again just like I did last year. I included a recap of the things I created, a breakdown of my income and expenses, some personal stuff, as well as a look ahead to what’s in store for 2023.

Psst…I used the Notion Review Template Bundle to help me get organized for this review. You can grab your copy for free right here.

New Things I created

Courses – I planned, created, pre-sold and launched my first two courses:

  1. The Canva Template Shop Success Kit – I really wanted to create something that would help anyone to design and sell Canva Templates, sharing all my knowledge and experience. I poured my heart and soul into this course. I was a bit nervous about pre-selling the course before I had created it but it ended up giving me the push I needed to just get it done and out there.
  2. The MemberVault Product Setup Kit – This course was so fun to create and is packed with product templates, graphics and set up tutorials for anyone looking to create beautiful products, courses and memberships with MemberVault.

Templates – From Email Marketing and Course Templates to Planners, KDP Journals, an Affiliate Program Guide, to seasonal content (Instagram Summer Bundle and Christmas Advent Calendar) and Affirmation Cards – I created a little something for everyone in my shop and the All Access Pass Template Hub

Notion – I discovered/became obsessed with Notion. I decided to create my own Notion Planner Templates and it was a huge success. I released 3 new Notion Templates with many more to come in 2023.

New Content and Freebies – I wrote a few new blog posts (and lots of email newsletters):

  1. How I use MemberVault to grow my Business 
  2. How to create Passive Income Streams with Digital Products 
  3. Publish Journals and Books on Amazon KDP 
  4. Why I Quit Social Media and how it affected my Business (got a lot of responses, messages and comments for this one)
  5. How I use Notion to organize my entire Life and Business – In-Depth Notion Setup Tour 
  6. 5 Things I love most about my Business

I also made some freebies and cleaned up my Resource Library. You can grab them all below along with a bunch of other resources:

  1. Summer Instagram Templates
  2. KDP Notebook Templates
  3. Notion Review Planner Template Bundle

Income and Expenses

Total Income 2022: $87.5

My 2022 revenue is slightly less than last year – $87.5k – but not bad at all considering I took almost 4 months off (see ‘Personal Life Snapshot’). Freedom over profit 🙂 

Just for context, here’s an overview of my revenue from previous years:

  • 2018: Started my blog and made a few hundred dollars in affiliate sales
  • 2019: Started my Virtual Assistant Business halfway through the year while still working my corporate job – maybe $10k plus my corporate full time job income
  • 2020: quit my job and went all in with my business – around $40k
  • 2021: my first entirely product based income year. I quit all 1:1 services in Oct 2020 and started out fresh in 2021 – my revenue just exceeded $100k

→ Top 3 Income Streams:

  1. Template Kits – Canva and Notion templates I sold on my website and other marketplaces
  2. Membership – All Access Pass Template Hub current members and renewals
  3. Courses – Canva Template Shop Success Kit and the MemberVault Product Setup Kit 

→ Top 3 Expenses:

  1. Marketing and Processing Fees – Ads, Subscriptions, Listing, Payment and Transaction Fees are always a big bulk of my expenses but that’s totally fine.
  2. Tools and Tech – This includes things like Canva, SendOwl (to sell digital products), Elementor Pro (for website and page design), Google Plus (to store and easily access all my files), MemberVault (course and membership hosting), Siteground (website hosting), FloDesk (email marketing), Vimeo (video recording and hosting), and Quickbooks (accounting and bookkeeping software).
  3. Affiliate Commissions Paid Out – My affiliates are doing an amazing job promoting my products and I’m so excited about paying out a big chunk in commissions in 2022. I moved my entire affiliate program over to SendOwl a couple of months ago (previously it was split – some products were in the SendOwl affiliate program and some were in the MemberVault affiliate program – confusing I know). Hopefully, this will make things easier for everyone.

Personal Life Snapshot

Travel – I got the chance to explore some awesome places I’d never been before and revisited some of my favorite places. From hiking in the Carolina mountains to snorkeling with turtles in Hawaii, we made some wonderful memories in 2022.

→ Taking Time Off – This year I really tried to go with the flow – when I felt inspired and motivated I worked like crazy, when I felt tired, exhausted or not creative I just took the day off. We also had friends visit from Germany for 4 weeks in July and again for 3 weeks in September so this meant that I took a lot of time off in 2023 – all together almost 4 months (not consecutive – a week here, two weeks there). It felt amazing, allowed me to recharge and definitely boosted my creativity and motivation. I am so grateful for the flexibility and freedom my business gives me!

→ We adopted a new pup – We’ve been looking patiently for months knowing the right dog would find us at the right time. I thought about adopting another senior (our pug Greg is almost 13) but we saw this sweet 6 month old puppy in a Shelter Facebook Group and immediately knew he was the one. Welcome to the family Jaeger! We’re so excited to give you the best life possible.

→ Health – I really prioritized my health so I could be the best version of myself for me and others, and my business. I tried out lots of different activities, and workouts to stay active – Aerial Yoga, Power Yoga, Karate, Rowing and more! I also finally stopped lying to myself, went to the eye doctor and got me some cute glasses. Now I can finally see much easier and the blue light filter doesn’t hurt either while I’m working on my computer.

Coming Up in 2023

Brand Photoshoot – This has been on my goal list for like 2 years ugh. I want to shoot some fun photos that really represent me and my business.

Launch another Course – Courses and Templates – I started outlining a few new courses (about Memberships, Notion, etc.) Stay tuned 🙂 And I have so many templates ready to go that I just need to publish already!I may add the course to the All Access Pass depending on how in-depth it will be.

Invest in my Business – I haven’t really invested into any major programs, tools or courses so in 2023 I will make a conscious effort to change that.

Refresh – I want to retire/ update/ reorganize anything that no longer feels aligned – offers, website, branding, online presence, tools, etc.

Overall, 2022 was an incredible year. I’m so proud of all I’ve done and all I’ve accomplished, but most importantly – I couldn’t have done it without you so I’m forever grateful. Here’s to an even better 2023.