I recently shared about my newest obsession Notion and how I’m planning on using it for my life and business. I got lots of questions about it so here’s a full tour of my dashboard, setup and everything in between.  

Notion Overview - What is it?

In a nutshell, Notion is a powerful project management and note-taking productivity tool. It’s an all-in-one workspace! I know what you may be thinking  – “Been there, done that. I already have Trello and Asana, why would I waste my time learning yet another tool?” 

I get it because I’ve been there. In fact, I used to hate Notion. I kind of half-heartedly tried to set it up and got annoyed because I didn’t actually bother learning how to use it. But after hearing about it over and over again, I decided to give it another chance and now I’m hooked.

What makes Notion so amazing (and different)?

There are dozens of reasons why I love Notion but here are some of my favorite ones:

Notion replaces nearly all of your productivity apps and programs. No more jumping back and forth between Notes, Files, Calendars, Project Management Tools, etc. – it’s the one tool to rule (and combine) them all. 

Notion is incredible flexible and customizable. You’re not restricted to any certain type of setup and there are infinite ways to customize it to fit your specific needs. 

Make it beautiful – You can use headings, images, icons, dividers, colors, etc. to make your Notion workspace truly unique and aesthetic. Beautiful Notion boards are a whole vibe and make planning and working so much more fun.

Databases! You can organize your content in different database views – tables, lists, calendar, gallery, Kanban board, notes and more. You can link and connect your data in each of your projects to each other, so your meal planner can reference your workout calendar, your mood tracker can relate to your journal entries, etc. 

It’s free! They have a completely (very generous) free plan for individuals. 

Notion is comprised of pages – just create a page for a specific topic and fill it with all the relevant info you need (dump all types of information, notes, links, files, etc.) You can create an infinite hierarchy – pages within pages within pages.

Simple Drag & Drop Feature – You can rearrange all of your content in Notion (including lines of text) by dragging and dropping it around the page.

If you’re not too familiar with Notion yet or just curious about my specific setup and all the ways I use Notion to organize my life and business, watch the video below for an exclusive look into my Notion dashboard.

I will go over my 3 main sections – Planning, Life and Business. Here is a quick summary of my pages and content for each of those sections:

Planning: Goal Map – Master Task List – Review – Quick Capture – Habits

→ Life: Goals – Journal – Growth – Self Care – Wish List – Date Ideas

→ Business: Products – Content – Marketing – Customer Hub – Biz Resources – Finances

I hope you enjoyed this little tour. I’m really excited to continue using Notion and to explore more features and ways to make my life easier. Have you tried Notion or are you already hooked like me? 

Notion Template Pack

Try it for yourself! Check out my exclusive Notion templates:

  • Life Dashboard – Plan your goals, organize your busy schedule, improve your health, and more!
  • Business Planner – Manage your branding, content, offers, marketing, sales and customers – all in one place.
  • All-In-One Life and Biz Map – Need them both? This planner combines the Life and the Business Planner. Get this combo if you want to organize your entire life AND business in Notion!