Notion Coaching Client Portal


This comprehensive template is designed to empower coaches to effortlessly manage and guide their clients throughout their coaching journey, providing a personalized and impactful experience.

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The Notion Template Coaching Client Portal is the ultimate tool to streamline your coaching process and provide an exceptional client experience.

This comprehensive template is designed to empower coaches to effortlessly manage and guide their clients throughout their coaching journey, providing a personalized and impactful experience.

The Notion Coaching Client Portal includes pre-written text and can be reused for each new client.

→ Notion Template with 3 Main Sections:


• Start Here: Provide guidance and set expectations
• Contract: Simplify managing and signing your agreement
• Payment: Handle financials, payment schedules, invoices, and receipts
• Intake Questionnaire: Gather vital insights about your client


• Task Manager: Keep track of and assign tasks, homework, action steps and more
• Message Center: Answer questions, offer guidance, and share updates with client
• User Guide: Pre-written guide to walk your client through every aspect of the portal


• Course: Organize and deliver your curriculum and course content
• Coaching: A hub for organizing your coaching sessions and policies
• Notes & Homework: Boost accountability and drive engagement with pre-written Session Prep Forms, Coaching Notes, and Homework
• Resources: Equip your clients with a curated collection of resources


• Recap: Recap your journey and celebrate their wins.
• Reflect: Deepen clients’ insights and self-awareness with prompts and exercises
• Feedback: Gather their thoughts and feedback so you can improve
• Next Steps: Share your other offers for continued support and encourage referrals

→ Includes instructions to make the template your own and how to share the portal with clients
→ Fully Editable: Easily tailor each page to align with your coaching program and branding
→ User-Friendly Design: Intuitive layout and navigation ensure a smooth experience for both you and your clients
→ Time Saver: Save hours of design and organization work, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – guiding your clients to success

Notion is a powerful project management and note-taking productivity tool. You can take notes, add tasks, manage projects and so much more. Due to its flexibility users can create their own custom layouts and systems. Notion offers a free plan and works across all devices – desktop, tablet, mobile app, etc.

Please Note:

You will need a basic understanding of Notion and its basic functions to use this template.

1. You will need a free Notion Account to be able to download and edit the templates.

2. After you order, you will receive immediate access to a PDF Download Guide with the link and instructions to download your templates and bonus resources.

3. Duplicate the Template to your Notion Workspace.

4. Watch the video tutorials as needed.

5. Start planning! Customize your template to fit your needs.

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How you can use these Notion templates…

The Notion Templates are designed to enhance your personal and business productivity. Feel free to use these templates for your own projects and within your business operations.

What you can’t do…

These templates are not intended for commercial purposes, redistribution, or sharing beyond your individual or company projects. You are required to keep the usage within the scope of personal use for you and your business.

You cannot claim the templates as your own, redistribute (not paid or for free), transfer or resell them even if you have made modifications.

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