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Notion Coaching Proposal


The Notion Template Coaching Proposal is perfect to convert your new Coaching Clients. The Proposal includes a Coaching Discovery Call Recap, Coaching Program Guide, Timeline, Past Client Results and so much more.

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The Notion Proposal Template for Coaches can be reused for each new client by slightly tweaking the content. Pitch your services to potential clients with an overview of your signature offer, package options, and pricing.


→ Edit the content and send a link to the proposal to your clients
→ Notion Template with 3 Main Sections:


  • Table of Contents
  • Discovery Call Recap
  • About Me



  • What’s Included & Features
  • Format and Outcome
  • Payment Options
  • Timeline
  • Past Results & Case Study



  • How it Works
  • Review Contract & Submit Payment
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tasks to Complete
  • Contact
Please read the Terms and License below before purchasing this product so you know you can and cannot use this template.

Notion is a powerful project management and note-taking productivity tool. You can take notes, add tasks, manage projects and so much more. Due to its flexibility users can create their own custom layouts and systems.

Please Note: You will need a basic understanding of Notion and its basic functions to use this template.

Due to the instant nature of this transaction, I cannot offer refunds or exchanges. If you have any technical problems with the download or file, please contact customer service at info@juliaonpurpose.com.

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How you can use these Notion templates…

The Notion Templates are designed to enhance your personal and business productivity. Feel free to use these templates for your own projects and within your business operations.

What you can’t do…

These templates are not intended for commercial purposes, redistribution, or sharing beyond your individual or company projects. You are required to keep the usage within the scope of personal use for you and your business.

You cannot claim the templates as your own, redistribute (not paid or for free), transfer or resell them even if you have made modifications.

All materials are copyrighted © Julia On Purpose, LLC.

**If you’re interested in selling your own Notion Templates, please check out Resell Magic**

Please contact me if you have any questions :) I’m always happy to help.

1. You will need a free Notion Account to be able to download and edit the templates.

2. After you order, you will receive immediate access to a PDF Download Guide with the link and instructions to download your templates and bonus resources.

3. Duplicate the Template to your Notion Workspace.

4. Watch the video tutorials as needed.

5. Start planning! Customize your template to fit your needs. 

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