Let’s get planning! There is nothing quite as satisfactory as planning, am I right? Sometimes I spent hours creating my priority list or filling in my weekly to do’s. Planning just makes me happy 🙂

I realize that the sheer overwhelm of planners out there can be very frustrating so I put together a list of the 8 BEST productivity planners (plus a bunch of bonuses for you at the end!!).

The Passion Planner is many things all at once: calendar, goal setting guide, journal, sketchbook, appointment tracker, gratitude log, inspiration and motivation, weekly and daily focus, to do lists etc. all in one notebook!

It was created by Angelia Trinidad who started to slip into depression after graduating from college feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty. She thought about what helped her during the most challenging and stressful times of her life and realized it was her planner. So she decided to create her own.

That I love most about it is the combination of structure, creativity and journaling. It has pages for you to figure out your “passion road map” and to break down your short and long-term goals. Each month you reflect on the previous month – your favorite memories, lessons you’ve learned etc.

There are also inserts you can add such as workout tracker, time extender, habit tracker and so much more! You can really make this planner your own and customize it to your needs.

They even offer printable PDF’s so you can try the planner out for free before you purchase! If you’re looking to live more intentionally and want to identify your passions and pursue them I highly recommend this planner.

Bonus: You get to feel even better about your purchase because as a Get One, Give One company, they give a planner to someone in need for every planner you buy!

This is a great freebie for bloggers. Ruth from Elite Blog Academy has been a successful blogger for years and really knows what bloggers need to get organized. This planner will help you to get a big picture plan for your blog especially if you’re just starting out. 

The planner comes as part of her book How to Blog For Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) so you can find detailed instructions on how to assemble and use this planner to increase your productivity in chapter 11 of the book. But even if you haven’t purchased the book this planner is super useful either way! 

Track your blogging goals, plan out your posts, collect ideas, track your blogging expenses etc.

Oh and did I mention it’s free??

This planner was created by the same people who published the Five Minute Journal (a great tool if you’re looking to improve your happiness through journaling). One feature that stands out immediately is that this planner comes with an in-depth explanation walking you through the process of how to get the most out of it.

The Productivity Planner combines productivity principles like the Pomodoro style work system into a simple daily format that will help you tackle unfocused and unaccomplished “busy” days.

With 6 months worth of daily productivity planning and Weekly Planning & Review sections you can reflect on and rate your productivity every day. That way you can become more productive every day and see your progress over time.

You can’t go wrong with this planner. If you don’t end up loving it or feel like your productivity is not increasing as it should be you can just exchange it and they will issue you a full refund!

ve been using this planner for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I get the extension and sticker packs (it also comes with 4 sheets of stickers) and found it to be an amazing creative outlet as well as a place to keep track of to dos, appointments and goals. Every month also comes with beautiful inspirational quotes.

Due to its size you can also easily add pictures, ticket stubs, post cards etc. to your weekly spread. I love looking back through my old planners from previous years because it’s almost like a scrapbook filled with memories, keepsakes and hand written notes.

The Happy Planner really does a great job combining creativity and productivity into one great colorful, inspirational package. 

Leaders in Heels have a simple yet amazing mission statement: “…to encourage and inspire women to follow their PASSION, to be more CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE in their lives, to feel more CONFIDENT and DETERMINED in their endeavors and to maintain a KIND heart while becoming SUCCESSFUL.”

If this sounds like the women you want to be, you may have found your next perfect planner!

The Leaders in Heels planners will help you on your way to success (whatever this may look like for you). These planners are designed for busy women on the go and big picture planning, regular life check-ins, personal growth pages, inspirational messages, quotes from successful leaders, and so much more! Find the confidence to kick-start your dream projects.

Some other key features of this planner include:

  • Success routine planner to help you establish good habits
  • Structured meeting agenda pages for your yearly networking plan
  • Gratitude sections
  • Blank pages to dream, sketch, design, solve

Bonus: Customize the planner with your initials! You can select up to three characters to be monogrammed on the cover.

“A life well planned is a life well lived.”

This planner comes in two sizes (5″ x 8″ and 8″x10″) with Woven Wonder design accents. I really like the coordinating satin placeholder ribbon that comes with each Hardbound LifePlanner. You can just flip right to your current page. 

With dot grid, quotes and coloring pages this planner will increase your productivity and your creativity at the same time. It comes with a Goal Setting Spread to help you stay on track and a Mini Calendar. 

Whether you opt for specific monthly goals or segment based on type (fitness, budget, etc), you can achieve anything with this planner!”

I found this gem on Etsy! The planner includes a 16 week agenda with daily undated pages and is absolutely GORGEOUS. Beautiful planners get me so excited 🙂 

It focuses on goal setting, habit tracking, productivity, reflection, inspiration and little positive challenges. It’s great to reflect on your progress, take notes, be organized and consistent. You can track new habits, make each day fulfilling and purposeful, and most of all focus on the positive & appreciate the wins and happy moments in your life. 

At the end of 16 week period you’ll be able to reflect on your progress.

Habit Nest Sidekick Journals - All of them!

Habit Nest offers three different Sidekick Journals – Morning, Meditation and Nutrition Sidekick and I truly couldn’t decide which one to highlight. There is so much value in every one of them so I recommend you get all three (or the one that fits your lifestyle best).

Morning Sidekick Journal 

The Morning Sidekick Journal is a science based morning routine planner that you can fill out in just 3 minutes. It’s very motivating and comes with a lot of instructions and guidance about kick starting your day.

The journal is divided into three unique phases. Each phase provides a journal page that is accompanied by daily content such as pro-tips, daily challenges and encouragements to guide you through each phase. 

Meditation Sidekick Journal

The Meditation Sidekick Journal starts out with an introduction to meditation and how it changes your brain and can improve your life. There is an audio version that will help you explore 6 guided meditation styles while reflecting and improving the ways your inner mental talk and mindfulness are impacting your life. 

Just like the morning sidekick journal this one is divided into three unique phases. The daily content will help keep you engaged and inspired throughout the process. The tracking page is designed to help with your goal of meditating daily and expanding your idea of yourself. 

The Nutrition & Weight Management Sidekick Journal can help you lose weight, understand how to manage your weight, and boost your health and energy. The journal walks you through the process of developing new habits. You will learn how to lose weight and adopt the lifestyle habit of healthy eating. 

If you’ve been dieting before you know that there are a lot of intense diets out there that are not sustainable in the long run (tried plenty of those) but this book has actual science based information that will assist you in planning your diet. The daily content pages are filled with pro-tips, challenges and success stories so you can get to your ideal weight one day at a time. 
Bonus: Each Sidekick journal comes with a sneak peek of the first pages so you can skim through before you buy. And they have a 50 years (!!) full refund, any condition return policy which I think is pretty awesome. Another cool feature is their discounted partner packs. You can save 10-25% off if you decide to challenge friends to live a better life. 
That’s it! The best 8 productivity planners and journal to help you crush your goals and get your life together. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite! 🙂