On my quest to find new potential passive income streams I came across KDP a while ago but wasn’t really feeling it at the time. I finally revisited it and dove deep into the world of KDP.

Keep on reading to learn more about the KDP Workflow, details, my experience with publishing my book on Amazon, and more!

How does it work?

If you’re not familiar, KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon). It allows you to self-publish books for free using print-on-demand.

You can easily create low content books meaning the interior pages are repetitive and designed to be filled in by the user (think notebooks, planners, journals, workbooks, etc.).

Here is a simplified summary:

1. Design and format your book interior and cover

Design your own book interior and cover with free programs such as Canva. The most common trim size for books in the U.S. is 6″ x 9″. If you’re unsure about sizing and formatting, you can also purchase done-for-you interiors like this Dream Journal Template.

2. Create a new Book Listing on Amazon KDP

Set up an account on Amazon KDP if you haven’t already. Create a new book listing by clicking the “+ Create” button and choose which type of book you want to create.

Enter your book details (Language, Book, Title, Author, Description, Keywords, Categories). Some of these fields can’t be modified once your book is published so fill them out carefully and with your keywords and niche in mind.

3. Upload the Book Content

Select the “Publish without an ISBN” option if you have a low-content book. Choose your print options:

– Ink and Paper Type (depending on if your interior design is black and white or color)
– Trim Size (most common trim size for books in the U.S. is 6″ x 9″)
– Bleed Settings (Most books use “no bleed.” Setting your interior to “bleed” allows printing at or off the edge of a page.)
– Paperback Cover Finish (depends on your preference – KDP supports glossy and matte covers).

Finally, upload your pre-formatted book manuscript (interior) and book cover. Take advantage of the book previewer tool it to see exactly what your book will look like.

4. Set your Price

On the next page, set your book’s price, royalty rate, and agree to KDP’s Terms and Conditions. Your price can be modified at any time after your book is published so don’t worry too much if you’re unsure about pricing. 

OPTIONAL:  Order proof copies to see your book in person before publishing.

5. Submit your book for publication

When you submit your book for publication your book is reviewed and approved by Amazon. Once it goes live it can be seen (and purchased) by anyone on Amazon. When someone orders a copy, Amazon prints and ships the book FOR YOU. You keep a percentage of each sale.

My Experience

I published my first Planner on Amazon a few months ago to test the waters and I really enjoyed the creation process. Here’s what I liked:

It’s easy and free. The KDP publishing tool is pretty intuitive and with a bit of research I was able to fill out the listing page fairly easily. You can design and format the book Canva for free. Amazon takes a percentage of each sale but there are no upfront costs.

 Instant Approval and wide reach. Your publishing account is easy to set up and approved immediately so you can get to work right away. Amazon also has built in traffic with millions of regular visitors.

Final Thoughts

KDP is a great way for Creatives and Creators to turn their ideas into books, create additional income streams and reach a wide audience.

It is (like most passive income streams) something you have to spend some time on in order to see results and stay ahead of trends. Researching keywords to know what is selling and what is not is critical.

Ready to try KDP?

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