I quit social media almost a year ago. Yep, I deleted my business and personal accounts and I never felt better. I don’t really talk about it that much (if ever)…mainly because I didn’t really find it that interesting or share-worthy. 

A few weeks ago I received an email from one of my subscribers that got me thinking. She asked if I was active on Instagram and our conversation went something like this:

→ Me: “I haven’t been active on Instagram in forever. I quit social media a while ago because it always felt draining somehow. I wanted to put my time and energy into other projects that feel more aligned. I usually focus on my email list and Pinterest.”

→ Her: “I completely understand what you mean about Instagram, I feel the same way! I was thinking about deleting my account and was wondering if my business could “survive” … without Instagram. I guess, I can.”

I want all of you to know – yes, your business can survive without Instagram. If Instagram or social media isn’t something you enjoy, then focus on other things strategies that feel more aligned.

I’m not telling you to quit social media, just sharing my experience and showing you that there are other ways to be successful if you feel drained and exhausted by Instagram.

For me, posting became unbearable. While I did enjoy it when I first started my business I soon realized that I just spent waaay too much time on social media – creating cute graphics, researching hashtags, writing captions, engaging with others, scrolling. The addiction to followers, likes, to posting everything in my stories was real.

Once I decided to quit I was finally able to release this huge content burden and could focus on the content and marketing strategies that actually felt good, fun and made way more sense for me and my business.

→ building my email list

→ focusing on providing valuable content

→ connecting with my audience

→ writing blog posts

→ pinning on Pinterest and more (I don’t see Pinterest as social media in a business sense by the way – pins have a much longer life span and the posting schedule is really flexible – now I just. pin whenever I feel like it)

More time and more alignment = more business success

I don’t miss it and I’m happier for it – personally and in my business : )

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