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Get access to a vault of done-for-you PLR Templates, Courses and Resources designed to streamline your journey to digital success and provide you with clear guidance.


Ready-to-use PLR templates to launch products faster and more efficiently


Follow a clear, step-by-step roadmap to create and sell digital products

innovation & Profit

Ready-made products and inspiration ensuring an ever-evolving product portfolio.

what's inside


Here's a just a small Preview of the Templates that are already inside or will be added very soon (Notion, Workbooks, Planners, Journals, Social Media Kits, and more)


How can you use these Templates?

Direct Sales

Offer your PLR-based products for sale on your website or through online marketplaces like Etsy or Shopify

Lead Magnets

Use smaller PLR products as freebies to attract subscribers or as bonuses for your premium offerings.

coaching programs

Bolster your services and packages with PLR content. Provide valuable resources, worksheets, or templates

content upgrade

Add PLR materials as upsells or bonuses for your existing products, increasing their value and appeal.

Bundle Products

Create themed bundles combining your PLR content with other products or services


Create products, resources and bonus content for your programs and online courses.

what's inside


Get access to my courses to kickstart your Template Shop Success

Notion Template Reseller Kit

Step-by-step videos to master Notion template design, customization, pricing, packaging, and selling strategies. Plus 6 fully designed Notion templates ready to sell.

Canva Template Shop Kit

5 Modules walking you through the ins and outs of template design, workflows, setting up your shop, tech tutorials, mastering marketing and scaling strategies.

Template Shop Booster Kit

Everything you need to quickly build a beautiful and profitable Etsy Shop – includes mockup templates, banners, icons, branding resources, and email and message swipe files.

is this for you?

Resell Magic is PERFECT for...


Coaches who want to sell and provide additional resources and tools to their clients, such as workbooks, guides, or planners.

digital entrepreneurs

Individuals who want to start or exapnd a business online but may not have the content or resources to begin from scratch.

content creators

Designers or creators who wish to sell templates and are looking for a head start with high-quality, customizable PLR products.

Hello there, I'm Julia

Since 2018, I’ve been building a successful Online Business selling digital products and templates. 

This membership was born from my experience of navigating the ups and downs in the digital product space. I went from a confused newbie, overwhelmed by product creation, design, and marketing, to a successful digital entrepreneur with a portfolio of best-selling templates.

My knack for design and aesthetics seemed to deeply resonate with my customers and helped my products to stand out in a saturated market.

With this membership I finally found a way to share my skills in creating high-quality PLR templates. They aren’t just visually appealing but also strategically designed to sell.


What others are saying


the difference

What makes my Templates special?


I cover topics thoroughly ensuring our templates are accurate, relevant and packed with valuable insights.


My products are designed with the latest market trends and audience preferences in mind

Visual Appeal

Each product features high-quality, professional designs, crafted for seamless customization.

niche variety

I cover a wide array of topics available in various formats, catering to many different needs.

Clear Licensing

Straightforward licensing terms, allowing you to modify, brand, and monetize the PLR content responsibly.


Extensive support, including toolkits, guides and strategies, to help you leverage the templates effectively.

Let's sum it up...

Simplify your business! Create momentum and launch products with confidence. Focus on what you do best and leave the rest to me!

As a member of Resell Magic you'll get...

Total Value of $1,000+

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$ 27 Monthly
  • PLR Template Library​
  • Monthly new Templates
  • Unlimited Downloads​
  • 3 Signature Courses
  • Support & Feedback
  • Cancel any time
$ 225 Yearly
  • PLR Template Library​
  • Monthly new Templates
  • Unlimited Downloads​
  • 3 Signature Courses
  • Cancel any time
  • Save $40 - 2 months free
  • Access for an entire year
$ 500 One-Time
  • PLR Template Library​
  • Monthly new Templates
  • Unlimited Downloads​
  • 3 Signature Courses
  • Limited Time Offer
  • One Time Payment
  • Lifetime Access
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale, my membership provides all the tools and resources you need at every stage.

I’m adding new PLR templates and other updates monthly so you can stay inspired and up-to-date!
PLR (Private Label Rights) content refers to digital products and templates that you can legally purchase and then modify, brand, and sell as your own. This feature is especially beneficial for digital creators and entrepreneurs who want to expand their product offerings without starting from scratch.
Great question! Here’s a simplified breakdown: You CAN customize the PLR content from the membership, brand it as your own, and sell or distribute the final product to your customers under your name. You CANNOT sell the original PLR content or your modified version with the claim that the buyer can then alter and sell the content as PLR to others. You cannot pass on the PLR rights. These restrictions are in place to protect the value of the content within the membership and to encourage responsible and creative use of the resources provided. You can find the entire license agreement here.
The membership includes a wide variety of PLR templates that you can customize and sell. It does not include access to my other non-PLR templates (e.g. the Coaching Bundle or the Notion Template Vault), as these are not available for resale.

No. The courses included in the membership are meant to empower you to create a profitable shop and learn how to become a successful seller. They are not meant to be resold.

You’ll have unlimited access to all the content in the membership and any new products added for as long as you’re a member.

Yes! While you will no longer have access to the resell library and any new products that are added, you have the flexibility to cancel your membership at any time.

As long as your membership subscription is active, you are permitted to create and sell products using my PLR templates. Once your subscription has expired or is canceled, you can continue selling any products you have already created using my PLR templates. This allows you to keep benefiting from your previous work.

However, once your subscription ends, you cannot create new products with my PLR templates. This is to ensure that the exclusive benefits of our templates are reserved for active members only.

While the PLR content in the membership can be used by all of my members, I continually add new content to keep everything fresh and engaging. Customization makes your version unique and valuable. The membership includes courses and resources that will walk you through how to customize your content to ensure originality and differentiate your product from others using the same PLR.

Yes! As a member you get exclusive access to priority support to ask all your questions.

You get to keep the price you signed up at for the life of your membership! If you decide to cancel your membership and join again at a later time, you will need to sign up at the increased price.
Due to the digital nature of this product I’m unable to offer refunds. Please ensure you read all the information on this sales page and in the FAQ section below carefully before making your purchase.


Don't see your Question in the FAQ's?

You can email me directly at to get in touch and I’ll get back with you within 48 business hours.

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