Are you a content creator, designer, or online business owner? I bet you have heard of Canva!

The online platform enables users to create professional-looking designs with ease and also makes it easy to create templates and designs that you can share with and sell to others.

My Canva Template Journey

Back in 2019 I decided to use my background in marketing to design Canva templates to help my struggling clients easily create their own graphics and marketing materials.

It quickly turned into something much bigger when I started offering those templates for sale on my website and Marketplaces. I learned how to optimize and streamline my shop, products and marketing efforts resulting in thousands of sales.

If you’re looking to make some extra money, you may be interested in selling Canva templates. Here’s a guide to get you started.

Find and validate your Product Ideas

Before you get started creating, consider what type of template you want to create. What do you want to be known for? Who do you want to appeal to? What type of templates are trending right now? You can create templates for a variety of purposes, such as logos, business cards, and social media posts.

Creating Your Canva Templates

Once you’ve considered the above, it’s time to create your templates. You can use Canva’s drag and drop editor to craft beautiful designs quickly and easily. Make sure to stick to design and usability guidelines to create an amazing product for your customers.

Pro Tip – Include helpful tips, instructions and bonus resources to improve your customer experience and prevent help requests and questions.

Set up your shop

Decide where you will sell your templates. Will you post your products on your own website? Or share them on Marketplaces such as Etsy? Maybe both? If you’re using your own website, you’ll need to build a store and integrate it with a payment processor. You also have the option to use a third party payment platform such as SendOwl or GumRoad.

Uploading and Selling Your Canva Templates

Once you’ve created a template, you’ll need to upload it to your chosen platform. You’ll need to provide a product description, images, and a file for download so your customers can access the Canva template. You can increase your visibility and market your shop through various channels – promote them on Social Media, Pinterest or with Email Marketing.

Your ultimate goal is to turn buyers into loyal and engaged repeat customers ready to buy from you again and again.

Learn how to sell Canva Templates

If you want to launch your very own profitable Canva Template Business or add an additional income stream to your business, check out the Canva Template Shop Success Kit! 5 Modules to walk you through everything you need step-by-step:

  • Find and validate your product ideas + where to sell
  • Design Tips and Guidelines for profitable + user-friendly Templates
  • Set up your Shop (Etsy, WooCommerce, SendOwl)
  • Optimize payment, delivery, listing images, description, etc.
  • Proven Strategies to Market, Launch and Scale your Shop
  • Turn Buyers into loyal and engaged Repeat Customers​
  • Canva Templates you can resell to kickstart your new Shop