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Canva Template Success Kit

Learn how to design, market and sell Canva Templates. Get access to all the resources, tutorials, and templates you need to be successful!

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Make Money selling Canva Templates

Digital Products and especially Canva Templates are in high demand right now. This is your chance to help other business owners and earn money with your creativity!

If you want to launch your own Canva Template Business or add an additional income stream to your business then this course is for you!

Let me guess...

🤔 You like the idea of selling templates but figuring out where to start, setting up the tech and set up, marketing is so overwhelming – you need a plan!

🤨 You think there are already too many sellers and you don’t know how to stand out so why even bother?

😣 You cringe at the thought of marketing your new business and worry about not selling anything.

🤷‍♀️ You don’t think of yourself as a designer and you’re not sure if your designs would be any good.

This course will give you the confidence and clarity to turn your ideas and desires into the creative online business of your dreams!

What you will get...


Actionable no fluff trainings & step-by-step videos

pre-made templates

Canva Templates to edit and resell in your new shop


Workbook to take action and create results


Proven Strategies to Launch, Market and Scale your Shop


Easy to apply Graphic Design Guidelines and Principles


Tech Set-Up, Cheatsheets, Swipe Files and Checklists


"I absolutely loved your course!"

I want to tell you how much I absolutely loved your course! I stayed up all night and finished it completely and I mean in its absolute entirety!  It took me about 4-5 hours which included stopping and rewinding some great and interesting parts about setting up your store etc, reading the workbook, saving all the beautiful templates. I plan on going through it again.

The Stand Out & Scale Module was one of my faves for all the potential it has for scaling that I never knew existed. The resources were invaluable as well as your incredibly well-put-together workbook to take us through the course. Loved it!

Thank you so much for your time and energy and for helping others like myself who at times struggle to put together all the amazing ideas floating around in our brains. You have been a blessing to me.



So what's Inside?

The Canva Template Success Kit includes all the templates, Step by Step Tutorials and resources you need to launch your profitable Template Business.

Module 1 - Prepare and Research

✔️ Choose your Area of Focus

✔️ Find and validate the best and most profitable template product ideas

✔️ I’ll introduce you to 15+ platforms and tools to sell your templates and help you figure out the best one for YOU

Module 2 - Create and Design

✔️ Learn design and usability guidelines to ensure your templates are easy-to-use and meet design standards

✔️ Follow along as I share my exact Design Process and Workflow so you can create with confidence

✔️ Tips to overdeliver and delight your customers

Module 3 - Launch and Deliver

✔️ Design listing images and mockups to increase your sales

✔️ Write an effective Product Description and create a branded Product Deliverable

 ✔️ Ease the Tech Struggle with Step-by-Step Tutorials to set up your shop from scratch, upload your products, and automate payment and product delivery

Module 4 - Market and Sell

✔️ Deep dive into various Marketing Strategies so you can start making sales ASAP

✔️ Simple hacks and useful tips to increase your profit

✔️ Learn how to increase your visibility and market your shop on Social Media and via Email Marketing

Module 5 - Stand Out and Scale

✔️ Essential Strategies and Ideas to Scale Up, Gain Momentum and start making consistent sales

✔️ Create an amazing customer experience and optimize and automate your Customer Service

✔️ Grow beyond Marketplaces and build an engaged audience of loyal customers ready to buy again and again


✔️ Canva Base Templates you can edit and resell to kickstart your new shop

Bonus Resource

✔️ Tech Cheatsheet with all the best tools and programs to set up, optimize and automate your shop

✔️ Product Vision Board Template to plan your product and gather design assets

✔️ Course Workbook and Checklists to implement what you’ve learned

Join TODAY and take advantage of the Early Bird Price

summary of what you get


See what's inside 👇

With the Canva Template Success Kit you will..

follow a Proven step-by-step action plan

feel confident in DESIGNING your products


learn the fast way to stand out and scale


Meet your Instructor

Well hello there, I’m Julia and for the past few years, I’ve been running a highly successful Template Shop. 

It’s allowed me to make money doing something I absolutely love (designing and creating) while also impacting thousands of other business owners helping them create amazing things with templates.


Back in 2019 I decided to use my background in marketing to design Canva templates to help my struggling clients easily create their own graphics and marketing materials. 

It quickly turned into something much bigger when I started offering those templates for sale on my website and Marketplaces. I learned how to optimize and streamline my shop, products and marketing efforts resulting in thousands of sales.


If you want to start a Canva Template Business of your own or add an additional income stream to your business then this course is for you! I will teach you all my secrets, learnings, strategies and share my experience over the last few years.

Affiliate program

Earn Money as an Affiliate

Make your money back as an affiliate. Join the Affiliate Program when you purchase the Canva Template Success Kit and earn extra cash! Share it with your your audience and earn 40% commission on every sale you refer.


Got Questions? I got Answers

While it’s possible to design and sell templates with the free version of Canva I highly recommend investing in the Pro Account. You will save SO much time and it will make your life a whole lot easier.

Yes! Unlike the other template products in my shop, the Canva templates included in this course can be edited and resold as editable templates so you don’t have to design from scratch.

You will get lifetime access – including any future updates and additional resources.

After you enter your payment details (the course is hosted on a secure course platform) you will get immediate access to the course. The content will go live on Feb 20! You will also receive an email with your access information so you can access your course again later. You can always reach out to if you run into any issues.

I got you – not only will this course teach you all the design principles, tutorials, guidelines and usability standards you need to design amazing templates, but you will also get access to pre-made Canva templates that you can edit and resell as your own so you don’t have to design from scratch. 

Due to the instant nature of this transaction, I cannot offer refunds or exchanges. Please read all the information on this page carefully before purchasing. If you have any problems or feedback, please contact me and I’ll do anything I can to help you.

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s? Send an email to to get in touch and we’ll get back with you within 48 business hours.



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